Brexiters dare to force ‘worst possible deal’ on us without asking us first

The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the Prime Minister has come in for a lot of scathing criticism from the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson, essentially branding it as the worst possible deal for leaving the EU.

Now they have indicated that they will support the deal if it is the only way of getting this country out of the EU.

Has it not occurred to them that they are seeking to impose on the UK something that they have condemned in no uncertain terms without asking the population of the UK if they want such a terrible deal?

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Why, might I ask them, do they claim the right to inflict on us something that they have voted against on two occasions?

Such arrogance and lack of common decency is all too apparent among the ERG Brexiters.

If they think that the Withdrawal Agreement is so bad that they voted against it twice, how dare they force it on the country without the courtesy of asking it if that is what it wants?

Graham Heap

Dunvan Close