Up Pompeii comes to Rugby Theatre

The cast of Up Pompeii
The cast of Up Pompeii
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The stage version of the hilarious BBC comedy ‘Up Pompeii’, originally starring Frankie Howerd, is coming to Rugby Theatre.

This farcical romp through ancient Pompeii brings back all the television favourites in this full-length play full of sexual innuendo.

As Lurcio attempts to deliver his prologue and begin proceedings, he’s quickly caught up in the myriad of sexual liaisons in all quarters of his master’s house. Why does his master Senator Ludicrus Sextus’s not leave for the Senate meeting in Rome? Why does his wife return so quickly from the country? Who will take care of the escaped slave girl, Voluptua, and will Nausius’s love poetry improve?

Whilst growing chaos ensues, an increasing rumbling is heard in the distance – what could that possibly be? A riot from start to finish.

Director Mike Allen says: “Up Pompeii is a classic British comedy full of puns and double-entendres that will have you howling with laughter.”

For tickets visit www.rugbytheatre.co.uk or call 01788 541234. The show runs from today (Saturday) to Saturday July 12 at 7.30pm every day except Sunday.