Town bar will Set You Free


A bar in Daventry will be taking a step back in time with the help of a 90s band.

Fridays in the High Street is hosting the 90s Revival with a DJ set from the group N-Trance playing some of the decade’s biggest tunes including their smash hit Set You Free.

The band were formed in 1990 by Kevin O’ Toole & Dale Longworth who were then students studying sound engineering at Oldham College.

It started as an excuse for four or five students to get a load of free studio time and to mess about with all the college’s equipment.

After a while they began to produce material which the band thought was comparable to what was in the charts at the time with the rave scene just taking off in the UK.

Set you free was released for the first time in 1993 reaching the number 81.

During this time the band had started to gig regularly and the reaction to Set You Free led to the song’s second release which actually made the top 40 (number 39!).

The record company were asked for it daily by the shops so it was decided to give it one last try. In January ‘95 it reached number two, stayed in the charts for five months, sold 600,000 units and went on to be the eighth biggest selling single of the year.

It also opened up new markets abroad for the band, charting in Europe and Australia.

The band is made up of Vin O’Toole on piano, acoustic guitar and bass guitar, Lynsey-Jane Barrow, female vocals, rapper/MC MC B, Mike Lewis and Lee Limer.

To mark the 90s Revival event, Fridays will be doing lots of 90s free giveaways, playing some classic 90s tunes and kitting out the place in 90s decor.

The bar is open until the early hours and the happy hours will be from 6-8pm, making all drinks £2.50 or less. For further information about the event call 01327 879000 or alternatively