‘We're all mad about cars’: Daventry Motor Festival is a roaring success with thousands gathering for the free event

Excitement filled the air as motor enthusiasts gathered at the showgrounds, eager to feast their eyes on the impressive car display.

Daventry came alive with the rumble of engines on Saturday, May 11, as the Daventry Motor Festival took place under clear skies.

The first edition of the free-to-the-public event was organised by a group of volunteers and showcased an impressive array of cars, drawing in both locals and visitors from far and wide at the Hollows along Waterloo Road.

Alan Jones, 68, one of the organisers from Daventry, said: “We're all mad about cars, but the motivation behind it is to bring people into Daventry to see the town.”

The event concept was originally created in 2019 by Councillor Lynn Jones, named Mayor of Daventry for the council year 2018–2019, and her husband, Alan.

“We wanted to do a classic car show.

“And it went quite well. We had around 100 vehicles, and of course we then had Covid come along, and it just didn't happen again,” said Alan.

Last September, Lynn and Alan Jones, Phillip Silk-Neilsen, and Councillor Ted Nicholls, the Mayor of Daventry, took the decision to unite and revive the event.

Alan said: “It went a little bit beyond our expectations, to be honest.

“It slowly evolved and built up.”

With the weather on their side, the free event proved to be a resounding success, with around 3,000 motor enthusiasts at the showgrounds, eager to feast their eyes on the impressive display.

Alan said: “We set a number of 150, which was going to be our target at the end of the day. I think we had probably around 170 cars come in.”

Featuring a variety of motoring clubs and cars, the entertainment was in full swing at the event, with a captivating performance from the Daventry Ukulele Orchestra, an auto jumble, and a hog roast.

“We've been very grateful for the support,” said Alan.

Local businesses, such as the Sheaf Street Health Store and ARL detailing, have shown their support by contributing booklets, flyers, and posters. The team received ongoing support from Daventry Town Council throughout the course of the event.

Take a look below at the gallery of pictures from the Daventry Motor Festival.