Joining Daventry choir could help improve mental and physical health while you have a fabulous time!

Cementing friendships and making new ones too

By Lucie Green
Thursday, 17th February 2022, 9:09 am

People who want to get healthier, meet new friends and have fun are invited to join Daventry Choral Society.

Noo Jarvill, trustee of Daventry Choral Society, said: "We are growing from strength to strength and looking to swell numbers.

"The society has a super variety of people from all walks of life who live in and around Daventry and simply enjoy singing and making music together.

DCS on their Italian tour.

"The choir’s wonderful new Musical Director, Laura Bailie, started just a few months ago and has brought a fresh new approach to DCS, breathing energy and enthusiasm into the weekly rehearsals. She’s highly accomplished and the choir are excited to see where she takes them."

DCS, a registered charity, has roughly 60 members who meet on Tuesday evenings at Daventry Methodist Church.

Noo added: "Not only do we perform concerts, it is also a place where people can form friendships and improve their general wellbeing.

"Singing is so good for physical and mental health, it reduces blood pressure, releases endorphins, improves posture, boosts brain power etc. and for quite a few, those couple of hours on a Tuesday evening are their only respite from huge difficulties; for others it’s simply an evening of enjoyment.

Musical director Laura Bailie

"People leave on a Tuesday evening with a spring in their step – it’s a winning combination – music, friendship and accomplishment."

Members also go on tour and their last trip was to Italy.

Noo continued: "The great thing about singing is that we can all do it – so if you would like to have a go, DCS would love to hear from you. Just get in touch either via their Facebook page or email [email protected]"

If you would like to hear them at work, their next concert is on March 26 where they will be performing the Brahms Requiem.

Having fun and forming friendships.
Their next concert.
Just a few of the benefits of singing.
Their next concert.