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AN unsuspecting gunman gets more than he bargains for when he holds up a sleepy village post office in Mikron Theatre Company’s new show, Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

Written by Maeve Larkin, the show is a celebration of the postal service, an institution on the brink of extinction, and it is making its way to Braunston next month.

Told by a company of four, but featuring a cast of dozens, the hilarious show is a night-train ride through the history of the postal service complete with original songs and live music.

Mikron Theatre is the only theatre company in the world to tour professionally by narrowboat, travelling via canals and rivers to take performances to places that do not often see theatre.

The company’s artistic director, Marianne McNamara, said: “The play opens with a scene inspired by an actual event in Marsden Post Office many years ago. Margaret and Derek Pinder ran the post office for years and were rarely surprised by anything that turned up in their shop.

“Once a young lad tried to hold up the post office and Margaret calmly told him, ‘not to be stupid’ whilst placing her foot on the panic alarm, prompting Derek to shout from the back, ‘You’re standing on that bloody alarm again!’

“This story inspired Maeve Larkin when writing our play and it’s central to the plot for the show.”

Don’t Shoot the Messenger will show at the Admiral Nelson pub in Braunston at 7.30pm on Thursday, June 13.

Ms McNamara added: “It’s a pacey production with some toe-tapping tunes.”

The show will be performed outdoors but shelter is available in case of wet weather. Tickets are not required but there will be a collection after the show. Food and refreshments are also available.

For more information call the Admiral Nelson on 01788 891900 or visit