Review: Little Shop of Horrors at Kilworth House Theatre

Steven Serlin with Maria Omakwina, Abiola Ogunbiyi and Nadine Higgin
Steven Serlin with Maria Omakwina, Abiola Ogunbiyi and Nadine Higgin
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YOU will be left screaming with joy if you go to see Little Shop of Horrors.

The show is about a strange and exotic plant which transforms the fortunes of a run down flower shop. But the success comes with a very heavy price.

Performed in the luxurious grounds of Kilworth House, the outdoor setting helps to sell downtown Skid Row as a setting with simple things such as bins and plants dotted around the set.

This is a very rich visual production and a clever use of design ensures there is not a wasted or empty moment on the stage. However, the star of the show’s design is Audrey II. The smaller scaled down plant cunningly manipulated brings the miniature version to life. However Audrey II soon gets hungry and when he is fed comes to life. This show lives by how impressive the plant is and well realised by the production team and given some menacing tones by Ako Mitchell.

The last time I saw Little Shop of Horrors, it was a cast made up of small and big screen actors, but the team of actors take the script and songs and inject plenty of laughs, emotion and of course blood to make for a terrific night’s entertainment. Stuart Neal makes a sympathetic Seymour while Joanna Woodward makes the other Audrey both ditzy and likeable. The funniest performance comes from Steven Serlin as the psychopathic Orin the dentist.

This was my first experience of an open air theatre and to see one of my favourite shows, neither part was a let down and I can thoroughly recommend you take a trip down to the Little Shop of Horrors.

by Steve Mills

Little Shop of Horrors is on at Kilworth House Theatre until Sunday September 11. For tickets and more information, call 01858 881939 or visit