One-woman show direct from the Fringe

A SELL-OUT performer at the Edinburgh Fringe will be bringing her show to West Haddon Village Hall at the end of the month.

10 Days... that shook the kitchen is a one-woman show written and performed by Ginny Davis that comes to West Haddon on Friday, September 30.

Ginny plays Ruth Rich, a mother of three children aged between five and 13 who is thrown into the company of a woman who is perfectly manicured. Ruth’s role in the relationship is designed to make her feel worse about herself.

She spends ten days dealing with familiar challenges of every day motherhood such as taking reluctant children swimming as well as dealing with in-laws and stroppy schoolteachers. Her head is turned when she is asked out by the most attractive dad in the school car park. But will she say yes?

Talking about her inspiration, Ginny said: “I sadly lost my father and was left some money. I wanted to do something with it, I wanted a memory so I took this show to the Edinburgh fringe and it was a sell-out.

When I went back with the sequel, Family Matters, it was also a sell-out and have been touring the shows ever since.”

The show has been described to her as like the TV show Outnumbered on the stage.

Ginny said: “It is all about what people go through when they have children and the traumas. When you look at it from the other side, it can be enormously funny.

“The show is more based around other parents that I met in the playground and the sort of things they went through.”

One of the joys is she can take the show to all sorts of places with little effort.

Ginny added: “I can perform this show anywhere, even without stage. I think anybody who has children would love the show because there is a lot of their own lives in it.”

Tickets are available by calling 01788 510760 or on the door and cost £8.50 each. Money raised from the proceeds will go to West Haddon Pre-School.

For more information or for future performances of her work, visit