Mikron theatre company to launch alternative take on World War One

Mikron Theatre Company will only
Mikron Theatre Company will only

The Folly in Napton will be hosting an alternative take on the First World War with the release of Mikron Theatre Company’s Troupers.

Following in the footsteps of Lena Ashwell, an actor manager in 1914 finds herself without an audience as the grim realities of war dampen the spirits of would be theatre goers.

A passionate advocate of ‘art for all’ and determined to do her bit, Lena assembles a motley bunch of performers and books a tour with a difference.

Her troupers won’t tread the boards of Blighty, but the muddy, bloody fields of France.

This soul searching take on the Concerts at the Front is full of guts, gusto and greasepaint.

Marianne McNamara, Mikron’s artistic director said: “By telling Lena Ashwell’s story we are telling the story of the place that the arts had, and still have, in a struggling society.

“I’m also aware that there will be a lot of companies marking this important centenary, we are really interested in having a central character who is female, at a point in history which is often told from a male perspective, and a story about those who entertain and enrich the lives of our service men and women and how that started out.”

Troupers is a new project for Mikron marking the 
centenary of the First World War.

Mikron hope the story of Lena Ashwell will hit home in a time when the arts are similarly under pressure in a time of economic uncertainty.

The four-man company, which has been performing for 43 years, will be touring nationally by narrow boat until October.

The performance will begin at 7:30pm on Thursday August 21 at the Folly, Folly Lane, Napton on the Hill.

There is no need to by a ticket, as a collection will be taken after the show.

For more information call 01926 492427 or visit www.thefollyinn.co.uk.