Roll up roll up for circus in Daventry

One of the circus acts coming to Daventry
One of the circus acts coming to Daventry

There is a chance to enjoy all the fun of the big top when a circus comes to Daventry

The Charles Chipperfield Circus can be seen at the Rugby Club on Western Avenue and with performances from Thursday October 13 to Monday October 17.

And for Friday’s performance, all the seats are available for £5.50

The 2016 award winning production is full of fun laughter and excitement from the flying trapeze and enjoy the exciting thrills of the wheel of death who both come from the eastern European countries of Hungary and Ukraine.

International clowns from Spain and a whole variety of acts including hula hoop, juggling, foot juggling, free standing ladder and lots lots more happen throughout the show.

Performances take place at 5pm and 7.30pm on weekdays. There will be three shows on the Saturday running at 2pm, 5pm and 7.30pm on Saturday followed by 2pm and 4pm on Sunday.

Tickets for the show can be booked by calling the 07500365231.

They can also be booked at the site of the Rugby Club which is open from 9am to 9pm.

For further information about the circus visit