Review - Pygmalion at Milton Keynes Theatre

The cast of Pygmalion
The cast of Pygmalion

A top ranking cast comes to the theatre with a new production of the classic drama.

Pygmalion sees Professor Higgins making a bet with his friend Colonel Pickering that he can turn a common flower girl into a Duchess as an experiment.

The most outstanding thing about the show is the cast who give fantastic performers. Rachel Barry shines as Eliza Doolittle, who develops from the common flower girl complete with the awful vowel sounds into a Duchess.

She injects the show with a heart and the transformation is played perfectly. It is a contrast to the irascible Alistair McGowan as Henry Higgins. He is an excellent in the role and uses his impresionist skills.

There is plenty of moments of charm and warmth. It has plenty to say about the modern world and is worth checking out.

Review by Steve Mills