Review - Peppa's Big Adventure at Royal & Derngate, Northampton

Peppa's Pig Adventure
Peppa's Pig Adventure

Peppa Pig live at the Royal and Derngate was a show about Peppa and friend’s camping trip.

It began with a girl called Daisy looking for Peppa and her friends who were hiding from her! The scene was set just like the programme and had the children eagerly waiting in anticipation as one by one they came out of hiding from Daisy much to the applause and cheers from the audience .

Gerald Giraffe, Suzy Sheep and Pedro Pony were all there and then Peppa and George appeared who were a huge hit with the children!

The puppets are played by actors dressed in black and have the voices and mannerisms as the much loved characters themselves.

The show is like an extended episode of the tv programme, fun and full of catchy songs and energy that all the children seemed to enjoy.

The running time is perfect as the children were captivated for the first half and then after the interval were ready and rearing for the second half.

The classroom scene with Madame Gazelle’s has a well known nursery rhyme and the bing bong song which went down so well. A dance routine accompanied this for more audience participation. There is also live percussion with lots of musical instruments being played on stage.

Peppa and friends then travel to the camp site for their school trip on the bus driven by daddy pig and the scene for this is just like the programme. Mummy pig and daddy pig both have fabulous costumes.

This part of the show is educational and teaches the children about nature and animals including bats and owls you could see outdoors at night. The next day they wake up to find it’s been raining, which means boots and Peppa’s jumping in muddy puddles. This involves the audience being involved in the scene by getting wet.

The children were laughing at the adults at this part and up on their feet! The end is perfect and just like the end of almost everyPeppa Pig episode. The show is great for children and adults and is just the right amount of time to keep the children engaged and fully entertained. A great watch.

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