Youngsters release a new album for free

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A collective of youngsters have produced a free album and will be touring around schools and youth clubs.

Breaking Point, who are all based in Daventry, comprises of Jacob Bush, Lisa Liversedge, Josh Parrett, Beca Yates, Ashley Yates, Matthew Parrett and Tia Lloyd.

The 11-track album is called Independence and is available to download for free.

Jacob said: “A lot of the video and the photo shoots we have done around the town.

“We were working on it from 7.30am to 4am the following morning and getting up the next day and doing it all again. I think in that week none of us got a lot of sleep but we finished the album in a week and a half.

“The album is called Independence, which we are putting out for free on Bandcamp. We were going to go down the route of putting it on iTunes but we thought it was better to put it out for free to encourage a following.”

The album, which is available on Saturday, also has a message for the people. Jacob said: “A lot of the songs are about being independent and doing things for yourself. We all think it is important to be independent and be happy with yourself.

“We are going to go around to schools and youth clubs and spread the same message as the album and perform.”

The collective has already released a debut video called When I Met You, which was released at the beginning of the month.

Jacob added: “We have already had nearly 1,500 hits since we uploaded it, which we are really pleased with as it is our first video.”

To download the album when it is released on Saturday, visit To find out more about them visit