Music nights rewind to the golden age of 80s and 90s

Last year's Daventry Rewind
Last year's Daventry Rewind

Daventry will be rewinding back to the past with a number of bars in the town putting on 80s and 90s nights on Saturday.

The Dun Cow, The Plume of Feathers, Fridays and Chasers are hosting events organised by former Daventry resident Mark Rasbuary after success with the inaugural event last year.

Mark said: “The event last year was mainly to get people out for a night out as I happened to be back on a visit in the November 2013.

“I went out in town and was horrified just how quiet it was and thought it would be nice to try and get some old friendly faces out for a night out.

“The bars all put 80’s/90’s music on, and drink promotions and we managed to fill pretty much every bar that took part.

“The simple idea is that people arrange a night out with their friends on that night to enjoy a fun lively night up town and to turn back the clock. It is generally aimed at 30-50 somethings but all are welcome.”

Chasers will have a flashing dance floor, an outside DJ for the early evening and professional cocktail bar staff for the outside bar. The Dunn and Fridays are offering an 80’s/90’s DJ as well as drink promo’s on the night.