Enjoy a Christmas miracle in Woodford Halse

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A PLAY that has been described as a 20th century version of A Christmas Carol will be performed at a village school tomorrow (Friday, December 10) night.

Miracle on 34th Street,
produced by Surrey-based theatre company Farnham Maltings, is an adaptation of Valentine Davies’ classic holiday tale.

Based in a shopping centre, it tells the story of Santa Claus who keeps telling people that he is the real Father Christmas. But he couldn’t possibly be telling the truth.

The show went on tour last Christmas, but it was such a hit that it is visiting venues across the country again this festive season.

Gavin Stride, director of the show, said: “There was a huge demand for the show last year, people were really impressed by it.

“It is really the kind of show you can only do at Christmas so we thought we would give it another go.

“I have a feeling that this will become a regular thing that will go on every Christmas.”

The new tour, which started in November, has been going down well with audiences.

Gavin added: “We were not really sure how the production was going to be received so when it did go down well 
with the audience, we were 
really pleased with the reaction.”

People who saw the show in Wales were so impressed that they even helped the cast get to another venue so others could enjoy it.

Gavin added: “A couple of weeks ago, we were performing in Wales and the company was snowed in.

“There were some passers-by who saw that we were trying to get out.

“They saw the name of the company and had seen the show, so they helped us to get out of the snow and on to our next venue.

“That shows the real reaction from the audience of this show.”

He also believes that the story, which was written in 1947, is still relevant today.

“This was written just after we had been in a war and we have just come out of a terrible war,” he said.

“I think it is because people want to believe in something again and this is a show that is about that. It is a great family tale and people should come along.”

Miracle on 34th Street will be taking to the stage at 
Woodford Halse Primary School at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £5 for adults tickets, £3 for children and £14 for a family ticket for two adults and two children.

They can be bought by calling 01327 265900.

The show is being brought to Woodford Halse by Northants Touring Arts, which aims to bring top entertainment to rural areas.