Cider collective press for success

Volunteers from Braunston's Cider Collective.
Volunteers from Braunston's Cider Collective.
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Villagers gathered on Sunday, November 2 to create the inaugural brew of the newly-formed Braunston Cider Collective.

Residents took buckets, baskets and bags of unwanted apples including eaters, cookers, cider apples and crab apples to the village green to press.

The event included a live DJ set as well as a chance for residents to try a sip of mulled, freshly squeezed apple juice.

Volunteers from baking group Braunston Bakes were also out in force with a number of apple-themed cakes and deserts as well as a host of other home-made offerings including meringues, Jamaican flatbreads, mini Christmas cakes, breads and drizzle cakes.

At least 25 gallons of the golden brew will be r​eady next spring, with the group currently in the process of gathering enough empty bottles for their first batch.

The Cider Collective is also planning a village wassail to take place in January to herald the coming of next year’s crop.

Among those involved in the project are Richard Cook, Colin Clarke, David Walters, Andy Lowe, Pete Lawrence, founder of the Braunston Cider Collective, and Abigail Campbell, all pictured from left to right.

Cllr​ Campbell said: “Braunston is such a community-focused village. There has always been a great emphasis on coming together and sharing in projects and events. Ambridge has nothing on us.”

She added: “The Cider Collective is a great example of the benefits of co-operation.”

The Braunston Cider Collective is just one of a number of new cider-producing groups to have emerged in the past few years, with new breweries opening up as far north as Yorkshire.