Santa riding out around the Daventry area to raise cash

SANTA will be kicking off his sleigh tour around the Daventry district on Thursday, December 8.

The annual fundraising event is organised by Danetre Rotary Club and supported by Daventry District Council.

The money raised is distributed by the Rotarians to help charities and good causes.

Here is a list of where Santa will be and on which dates.

December 8: Long Buckby.

December 9: Newnham, Badby and Ashby Fields, Daventry.

December 10: Bowen Square, Daventry.

December 12: New Forest, Daneholme and the northern area of the Grange estate.

December 13: Stefen Hill, southern area of the Grange estate and Cherry Orchard.

December 14: Weedon.

December 15: Braunston and the Timken estate, Daventry.

December 16: Southbrook estate, Daventry town centre and Drayton.

December 17: Bowen Square.

December 19: The Dingle, Slade and Headlands.

December 20: Lang Farm, Inlands Norton Road and St Andrews Drive.

December 21: Flore and Everdon.

December 22: Bowen Square, Barby, Kilsby and Staverton.

On Saturdays, the sleigh is in Bowen Square during the daytime, but all other visits are in the evening.