Meet the artist inspired by nature at Daventry cafe

A piece by Victoria France
A piece by Victoria France

There will be a chance to meet an artist which has had an impact on customers of the Evergreen Art Cafe.

Victoria France will be at the cafe in Sheaf Street, Daventry beteween 11am and 3pm on Saturday.

There will be an intricate three-dimensional floral work which has received a fantastic response from collectors so far with the original pieces flying off the gallery walls as quickly as we put them up!

Victoria creates vibrant original art using acrylics and a range of mixed media with three-dimensional elements that entice the senses and evoke a sense of curiosity and joy. Very much inspired by nature, her work is an eclectic celebration of texture, colour, shape and form.

Speaking about her work Victoria said: “Art has been an ongoing passion throughout my life. I feel an exhilarating sense of freedom when creating my artwork. I work in a very spontaneous and instinctive way, allowing ideas and inspiration to flow. My work is very much an emotional response to life.”

There will also be a chance to meet Victoria and discuss her techiques and passions behind her work.

Any pieces sold during the exhibition will have a personal dedication added by Victoria.