Film crew eyes area for travel show research

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A TELEVISION film crew was spotted in the area this week compiling footage for part of a new travel series.

The show, which is as yet untitled, visited Fawsley Hall and Daventry’s Evergreen Art Cafe.

Evergreen Art Cafe owner Simon Williams said: “It is a show based around the Trip Advisor idea.

“We had a phone call from the production team who said they were looking for somewhere where they could do some filming indoors.

“I was happy to help them out and they were in the basement doing some filming for most of the day.

“It was nice to have them here, it is something a little different.”

However, there is no date confirmed for screening the show.

Mr Williams added: “It has gone to a full series, so it will be hitting the screens at some point in the near future.

“The show could be on either Channel 4 or Channel 5. We are not entirely certain.

“There’s no transmission date yet confirmed for the episode they filmed here.

“It will be great to see Evergreen Art Cafe on national television.”