Braunston back on the big screen

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A MOVIE partly filmed in Braunston and Daventry which was missing for 40 years has been found and is set for a big-screen revival.

Running Scared, which starred a young Robert Powell, will be shown by Braunston Cinema Club next month.

The film was initially shown in the West End and cinemas in 1972 but disappeared shortly after its initial run.

An exhaustive search by the club started last year involving 600 emails and phone calls and letters across five different countries, which led to a copy finally being found in the USA.

It tells the story of a student, played by Powell, who leaves university after watching his best friend commit suicide. He tracks down the family and under an assumed name, falls inlove with the dead boy’s sister.

The filming took place around Braunston and also on the High Street in Daventry but it caused the biggest stir around the village. Many villagers were extras on the film and many locals still have fond memories of the day when all the glitz and glamour of the big screen arrived in Braunston.

Iris Griffin said: “It was quite exciting, seeing all of the filming going on around the village.

“The film crew rented the place next door to mine, so I would quite often have some of the crew round at my house for tea.”

Despite this Iris never got a chance to actually see the finished film.

She added: “I was busy looking after a family so couldn’t go and see it. I hope I will be able to see it for the first time in 40 years.”

Others had fond memories of seeing their village when they took a trip to the cinema.

Sheila Rowley added: “We all went up on the coach to Coventry to see Running Scared. You could tell there were a lot of people from the village in the audience, you could hear the accent all around.

“I think a lot of us went to see Braunston at the cinema, you could recognise various bits of it. I think we did that more than watch the film.”

Two screenings of the film will take place at Braunston Village Hall on Sunday, December 4 and will be attended by actress Gayle Hunnicutt who played Ellen Case in the movie. They have already sold out but a third screening is planned for sometime in December.