Another step closer to development

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The land needed for a £50m retail and leisure development in Daventry will now be acquired by the council to ensure the project goes ahead.

Daventry district councillors agreed that some land should be acquired using a compulsory purchase order after several attempts to find the land owners had failed.

They also agreed that some land already owned by the council be appropriated for planning purposes.

Most councillors were in agreement about the land however concerns were raised by Cllr Maureen Luke that the site was formally used as an outdoor pool.

The pool was dedicated to the memory of five children who all tragically lost their lives after drowning in Daventry reservoir between 1949 and 1960 .

Cllr Luke said: “The feeling in Daventry is that the pool site is sentimental because of the children who drowned.”

However leader of DDC Cllr Chris Miller said the pool was previously very costly for the council and was not something they could afford to run again.

He said: “It is such a big cost that I don’t believe it will ever come back to Daventry without the help of a private company to fund it.”

In relation to the development, he also said the council wishes to see the area redeveloped and that it would be a very good thing for Daventry.

Work on the development is due to begin in 2014 when new shops, a cinema and library will be built to the north of High Street and a supermarket and petrol station will be built on the old outdoor pool site.