A mother and daughter to appear on BBC One show Antiques Roadshow

Kirby Hall gardens NNL-140623-111921001
Kirby Hall gardens NNL-140623-111921001
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Sunday night’s episode of The Antiques Roadshow will feature a local mother and daughter with a rare collection of medals.

Jo Gilford, who lives in Staverton, appears on the show alongside her mother Janet Stevenson after it was filmed in the county at Kirby Hall earlier this year.

They took along medals which were given to Janet’s father Horace, who served in both the army and navy during the First World War despite the fact that he was underage to join both at the time.

Horace was only 14 when the war broke out and had never spoken of the events.

They also couldn’t clear up why there photos of him in both an army and navy uniforms, plus having two medals.

Jo said: “It is a rarity for someone to have been both the army and the navy and to have medals from them both.

“We thought, because he was a bit of a joker, that it might have been a wind up.”

For her mother’s 70th birthday, Jo presented a book all about her father to her.

Mrs Stevenson said: “It was an incredible gift. I didn’t want anything. I’d got everything I needed.”

She then wrote to the BBC asking if they were interested in her story and whether they knew of anyone who had gone through a similar experience during the war. From there they were then invited to a filming session at Kirby Hall near Corby.

When they arrived, they were fast-tracked and then told their story to Graham Lay, an expert in arms and military who was able to tell them the value of the medals.

Jo said: “We went into the make up and was told we were going to be filmed, which was amazing.

“When we were doing the filming, we were telling the story to the expert and there were a lot of people gathered around who couldn’t believe the story we were telling.

“They are not worth a lot of money but they are invaluable to us.”

Janet said: “It was an amazing day and I just could not believe we were there.

“I thought we were going to get tongue tied but we didn’t. It’ll be nice to have my 15 minutes of fame.”

The Antiques Roadshow is on BBC One at 8pm this Sunday.