Whipping up a Fiori with Vivaldi in Flore

Kerstin Linder-Dewan performs with Fiori Musicali
Kerstin Linder-Dewan performs with Fiori Musicali

Musical ensemble Fiori Musicali will present the scintillating work of Vivaldi in Flore this Saturday.

This concert is by popular demand following the success of Fiori’s visit to Flore 2 years ago, and is at the invitation of Flore Arts.

“We are thrilled to announce a return visit from Fiori Musicali, writes Heather Anderson of Flore Arts, “they will be entertaining us with an evening of sparkling music by Vivaldi with popular local soprano Judit Felszeghy”

Vivaldi’s fame is as big today as it was in 1720s Venice. Any chart of the ‘greatest classical music pieces ever’ always has Vivaldi’s music right near the top – with his Four Seasons

Concertos as popular now as they were when he first composed them. But there is more to Vivaldi than these hugely famous concertos!

Penelope Rapson Fiori Musicali’s founder and director said: "There’s a deal more to discover about Vivaldi and the world he lived in. We will present some of the music that wowed Vivaldi’s audiences in the 1720s and 30s.”

At that time opera was the big thing in Venice and Vivaldi claimed to have written almost 100 operas. They may be little known today, but Vivali’s operas are full of exquisite music, often requiring phenomenal vocal technique from his singers.

Popular soprano Judit Felszeghy demonstrates the kind of vocal pyrotechnics that were all the rage in 18th century Venice when she sings music from La fida ninfa, an opera Vivaldi wrote in 1732.

In their concert Fiori also feature cellist Poppy Walshaw – a big favourite with audiences. Poppy will be playing music by one of Handel’s great rivals, the Italian composer Porpora – an prominent composer and singing teacher, who settled in London in the early 18th century.

This year sees Porpora’s 250 th anniversary, and at Flore Poppy will be performing one of his rarely heard concertos for cello and strings., while violinist Kerstin Linder-Dewan together with sidekick Beatrice Scaldini will be exploring some of Porpora’s colourful music for two violins and continuo.

The concert also features music by Handel, including one of his all time hits, the aria Ombra mai fu from his opera Xerxes.

It starts at 7.30pm. Tickets for the show can be booked by visiting www.fiori-musicali.com.