Touring show comes to Crick and Weedon

Best Foot Forward
Best Foot Forward

Not content with touring one show along the Grand Union Canal, the Mikron Theatre Company will bring another to Weedon and Crick this week.

Best Foot Forward traces the history of Youth Hostelling from its inception in 1911 in the mind of a young, German teacher-soldier who found himself in No Man’s Land at the Christmas Truce, through to its founding in Britain in the 30s and right up-to-date with modern hostels still holding true to the founding ideals.

Something’s afoot at Pearling Manor and it isn’t just the walkers. The beautiful hostel, rich in YHA history, is lovely but falling apart.

External forces are out to grab and turn it into a golf club. Cue Connie, first ever warden, with a heart as big as her rucksack.

It can be seen at The Moorings in Crick on Sunday at 5pm. This will be followed by an appearance at the Heart of England pub in Weedon on Wednesday at 7.30pm. Entrance is free but a collection takes place after the show