Interview: Doctor Who star Jacqueline King talks about Northampton show


There probably isn't any real guidance to playing a deranged android childminder when you train to be an actor.

But for Doctor Who star Jacqueline King might be better qualified to play the part than a lot of other actresses when she plays the Nan300F in Alan Ayckbourn's Henceforward. However it was another science fiction series that provided her with the insight into the character.



Jacqueline said: "When I was asked to play this part I was thrilled but apprehensive as I thought I was too old to play a shiny robot. It was when I watched Humans and I saw that they were doing this still movement and I thought that would work.

"The best thing is that you are being directed by Alan himself, and he guides you as a director but leaves you to freedom to find your own path."

It is also a return this week for the star who has appeared at Northampton before.

She said: "I've worked at the Royal a couple of times, it is a lovely old theatre, there's so much character to it. I did two plays which transferred to the National Theatre which was a wonderful happy time. And Laurie Sansom who directed them was just a marvellous."

There's a lovely story of when Jacqueline first appeared on Doctor Who about how she hoped it would be a regular part.

She said: "I was speaking to someone on the production and asked if it could be a regular role. And was told that they were lucky to have Catherine Tate for one episode.

"But then it was announced it was coming back. And not only was I going to have Catherine as a daughter but I would have Bernard as a father. They were wonderful times and a lot of my scenes were with Bernard so we spent time doing the crosswords."

And given that Peter Capaldi has just announced his departure from the show, there's mention of a woman taking on the part.

Jacqueline said: "That would be brilliant to see a woman in the TARDIS and there's no reason why it shouldn't be."

But as she soon finishes the tour of Henceforward, it is matters close to home that she is hoping to go on to next.

Jacqueline added: "It would be nice to have a couple of weeks off to see my husband Keith Bartlett, he has just finished a worldwide tour of Hamlet in 197 countries.

"But he has taken a year off work to raise funds for Mary's Meals which helps children in poverty. Which is such a wonderful cause."

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