Frozen tale to warm up Staverton

The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen

The classic tale of The Snow Queen is being bought to life at Staverton Village Hall.

Set against the backdrop of Eastern Europe during the First World War, storytellers Libetta, Mabe and Ru for the night which takes place on Friday December 2.

In a little town that is sat at the foot of the mountains. A war had taken the men far from home.

Gerda and Kay are the best of friends and are certain they always will be but when Kay is hit with magic splinters from a shattered mirror, everything begins to change.

Kay meets the dark and mysterious Snow Queen who takes him far away to her distant land of ice. In this classic tale of ice kingdoms, magic spells and enchanting creatures, Gerda quests to defeat hatred and save her best friend from the dark magic of the Snow Queen.

The show combines story telling, original music and song combine in this captivating children’s piece of music theatre suitable for people aged five and over.

The show is coming to the area thanks to help from Northants Touring Arts who help bring theatre to rural locations.

The show starts at 6.30pm and refreshments will be served for people who booked tickets. For more details call 01327 702565.