Bach masterpiece played in Daventry

Rupert Reid
Rupert Reid

One of Bach’s masterpieces can be heard in a concert by Daventry Choral Society next week.

The St Passion Passion is an intense and moving account of the last days of Jesus’s life, from his betrayal by Judas Iscariot to his death on the cross.

The concert takes place at Holy Cross Church in Daventry on Saturday April 1.

It uses choir and soloists to full effect to depict the dramatic moments of the story, including the scene in which Jesus appears before Pontius Pilate, who allows the crowd to choose whether Christ or the thief Barabbas should be crucified.

“The St John Passion is quite a challenge for us,” says the Society’s chairman, Martin Heath.

“Bach is widely accepted as the master of vocal writing and he achieves some extraordinary effects but we do have to work hard.

“We’re performing in a beautiful Georgian Church with a top-class professional orchestra and a group of excellent soloists, so this concert will be a perfect prelude to the Easter season.”

The soloists include Philippa Hyde, Andrew Kennedy and Rupert Reid, whose singing voices can all be heard regularly on the radio and in the major concert halls.

They’re joined by the Head of Singing at Uppingham School, Catherine Griffiths, and Orchestra da Camera. The performance will be directed from the harpsichord by the choir’s director of music, Nicholas Scott-Burt.

The concert starts at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £15 for adults or £2 for students. They are available from 01327 877923 or 01788 890551, or the choir’s website at