Top artist returns to Daventry

Dale BowenDale Bowen
Dale Bowen
An artist will make a return to Daventry and is givng people a chance to meet him.

Dale Bowen will be at the Evergreen Art Cafe in Sheaf Street on Saturday March 11 between 11am and 3pm.It will give people the chance to meet Dale see him painting his latest original and view a full collection of new original art and full back catalogue of limited edition pieces.Any pieces bought on the day will be personally dedicated by Dale.He is a master potter and has worked in the industry for over 20 years.He has also exhibited privately in New York, Washington and San Francisco.Dale said: “Although working in the pottery industry for so long and being creative with clay, it was always the joy of painting which was my first love and keeps me returning to canvas. “When painting I like to use a variety of mediums as I feel the need to experiment and master as many methods as possible. “Creativety comes from a number of different sources, observation or even conversation, inspiration always surprises me in the ever unusual ways it catches me.”Entrance to the event is free. Visit or call 01327 878117 for more details about the event or the artist.