Artist talks about his work in Daventry

Ben Payne
Ben Payne

One of the United Kingdom’s best selling landscape artists is visiting Daventry this weekend.

Ben Payne comes to the Evergreen Art Cafe in Sheaf Street on Saturday between 11am and 3pm.

It’ll be a chance to talk to him about the inspiration behind his work and the process of creating his landscape masterpieces.

He has recently introduced collections that feature vintage items such as jewellery, watch faces and old books into his work, and has started to use reclaimed wood in his landscape pieces.

Ben has been painting all his life and is largely self-taught although he did learn a great deal from his mother, who is also an artist. Following studying at school in Wimbledon, London, Ben went on to pursue other avenues of interest, but always continued to paint for pleasure.

In 2003, as interest in his style of work grew, Ben turned what had been a lifetime’s hobby into a flourishing career and began selling work with one of the country’s leading fine art galleries. He has since enjoyed successful solo shows throughout the UK and sell-out publications of his limited edition prints of his instantly recognisable escapist landscapes.

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