A hit puppet show on stage

Avenue Q
Avenue Q
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A puppet show and hit Broadway and West End musical designed for adults will be coming to Rugby Theatre.

Avenue Q runs from Saturday to Saturday, June 14. It tells the story of Princeton who wants to find his purpose.

Three years of college have earnt him a BA in English, but what is his life going to be? Drawn to the bright lights of New York City, he finds only Avenue Q is in his price range.

The neighbours are certainly interesting - a good-hearted slacker and his Republican, investment banker room-mate hiding a secret. There is also the reclusive Trekkie Monster, the cute kindergarten teaching assistant Kate, a failed stand-up comic and his Asian-American fiancée, while the building’s janitor is none other than Gary Coleman from TV’s Diff’rent Strokes!

What will we learn about life from these guys as they struggle to find jobs, dates, Atruth and happiness?

Avenue Q explores those more adult sides of life that Sesame Street left out, so it’s not a show for the kids!

Tickets for the show cost between £15 and £16. For further details or to book tickets call the box office on 01788 541234 or alternatively visit www.rugbytheatre.co.uk.