Town men win after tough battle

DAVENTRY men bowls players travelled to Kingsthorpe to face one of the strongest clubs in the county, and came back with a good win, in their friendly fixture.

In the end Daventry had three winning rinks, two losing and one tied.

The final score was 88-102, as six rinks of triples were played.

Vice-captain Alan Gardner took on the role of captain and led from the front with a good rink win.

Rink 1 John Shanahan, Keith Bishop and Alan Gardner 24-12 (Twistleton).

Rink 2 Jim Walvin, David Knee and Bernard Spreadbury 15-15 (Jones).

Rink 3 Peter Ashbrook, Paul Staples and Michael Moulton 24-9 (Caswell) Highest winning rink.

Rink 4 John Sach, Ron Smith and Arthur Stowe 11-22 (A Hunter).

Rink 5 Mike Robins, Colin Dovey and John Bradley 11-16 (F Fox).

Rink 6 Brian Chaplin, Ken Marshal and Stan Alton 16-14(Tabios).

Daventry Town are looking for new members, of all age groups.

For more information, contact John Bradley (01327 700571). Visit their website for more information