Second league loss

DAVENTRY All Blacks suffered their second league defeat of the season against an impressive BBOBs side.

Many of BBOB’s recent wins have seen their backs grabbing the headlines.

But this game was firmly won up front and the BBOB’s set pieces were outstanding.

Daventry struggled to get any ball from set pieces and were forced to live off scraps. But there were encouraging performances from James Heath at number eight and flanker Hin Dip who was outstanding.

BBOBs grabbed their just rewards with two tries before half-time. The first was an overlap on the right which resulted in a score and their second saw them capitalise on a charge down.

Daventry improved in the second-half with Nick Berry seeing a bit more of the play and substitute Tom Kendall shoring up the scrum.

The Blacks were also impressive at the breakdown often counter rucking to good effect.

The BBOB’s full-back Ben Mann was a constant threat to Daventry throughout. His strong and elusive running always allowed BBOBs to play on the front foot.

BBOB’s efficient driving maul was always a threat and they grabbed two second-half scores which secured a well- deserved bonus point.

This game will hopefully prove to be an important learning curve for the Blacks with BBOBs a very good blueprint for where the Blacks want to be in a year or two’s time.

But the Blacks can take an enormous amount of pride in the way they defended and held off BBOBs for long periods with just 14 men.

Next Daventry face Northampton Casuals at home in a league and Alliance Cup double header.