Saints chairman Barwell wants to bring ‘old-fashioned rugby culture’ back to Gardens

Saints chairman Leon Barwell wants to bring back the old-fashioned rugby club culture, starting at the season ticket holders forum on February 28.

All 250 available tickets have been snapped up for the event, which will give supporters the chance to voice their concerns to Barwell, vice chairman Tony Hewitt, chief executive Allan Robson and director of rugby Jim Mallinder.

Barwell believes there has been something of a communication breakdown between the club and their supporters in recent times.

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And he feels this month’s forum is a great chance to engage with the Saints faithful.

“I think one of the areas where we’ve accepted we need to improve is actually in terms of our communication to supporters,” said Barwell.

“Some of the concern that is out there is possibly through a lack of information and I’m very keen to address that positively and be very open with our supporters with what’s happening and listen to how we can improve further.

“That starts on February 28, when we have our open forum for season ticket holders and there’s a number of initiatives for supporter engagement that we want to discuss with them in order to ensure they do feel part of the club, they do know what’s happening and they do feel confident in the management team in that we’re doing the right things.

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“We live in an era of Twitter and Facebook and everything that is said is reported instantly and goes global within hours.

“We use all of those forums for communication but what we’re in danger of losing is a bit of the old fashioned culture of a rugby club where we get together, have a beer and discuss things amongst ourselves. I think that’s what we need to put back and instil and just get people more engaged.”