Self-isolated Saint: Harry Mallinder

Harry Mallinder has had no shortage of ways to keep busy in self-isolation - though the Saints star does admit he is getting slightly fed up of online quizzes.
Harry MallinderHarry Mallinder
Harry Mallinder

Mallinder, like everyone else at Saints, is currently being forced to spend a spell away from life at Franklin's Gardens due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

So just how has he been occupying himself?

"Since I finished school I've been doing an Open Uni degree," Mallinder explained.

"I started the summer I came out of school after my A-Levels and I always knew it was going to be a bit of a slog because I was doing it part-time over six years, but actually in the past two years it's been really quite useful for me to have something else to concentrate on.

"I've pushed on with that and managed to finish this module a bit early and I've just had the mark back and I've done really well so I'm quite pleased.

"It's a degree in Business Economics. The space from the routine (at Saints) and from it being full on and always having a game to look forward to and the next day in training gives you the chance to think a bit longer term.

"It's been good for me on that front because although I've still got one year left on this course, I've been thinking about whether I want to do a Masters on this course or whether I want to do something a bit more practical.

"Like I say to the guys who are a bit younger than me at the club, I'd recommend it to everyone because it's been great for me to do."

Many of the Saints players live together, but that is not the case for Mallinder.

"I like with my best mate from school, Sam," he explained.

"We've been locked down together for however long and it's been great because he's still working and he's still quite busy.

"It's good to have that company and interaction.

"I speak to a lot of the boys from the club and I had a gym fitted at the house when I knew this was going to happen so that's been really nice.

"I've also been doing a lot of miles on the road bike, which has been really good for me.

"I borrowed a few bits from the club but I was a bit late to the party on that.

"Thankfully I got a squat rack and a barbell and things like that fitted and I'm just grateful I've got a bit of space in a courtyard to keep it all and get some work done.

"My bike has been amazing. In a season, you don't have that chance to go and explore and be on the roads for a couple of hours at a time.

"It's been really nice, especially with this weather."

Mallinder has been keeping in touch with his parents, sister and dogs thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

He explained: "Mum and dad are back in Northampton and my sister is in Oxford so it's been tough not seeing them, and I'm missing my dogs as well!

"But technology is awesome and we've done loads of quizzes. I'm up to my ears in quizzes at the moment - I've almost had enough of them, but it's good to stay engaged."

And for Saints fans wondering how Harry's dad, former Saints boss Jim, is faring in his new life as Scottish Rugby Union's performance director, Harry happily answers.

"Dad's great," he said.

"He's really enjoying his new role and he's very happy."

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