Saints duo set for minor surgery when season ends

If you ever thought rugby players just jet off into the sunset when the season ends, think again.

By Tom Vickers
Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 6:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 6:08 pm
Tom Wood and Tommy Freeman
Tom Wood and Tommy Freeman

Another attritional Premiership campaign will conclude for Saints at Bath on Saturday before their players are able to take a well deserved break.

But it won't all be sitting in the sun, drinking a beer or two.

Tommy Freeman and Tom Wood were both asked at Tuesday's media session what their plans will be once this campaign is done.

And both came up with similar answers that showcase just how much of a toll a season of rugby can take on the body.

"I'll need a physical break from the bangs and bruises," said 34-year-old Wood, who recently extended his Saints contract until the summer of 2022.

"I'm going to have an operation to clean my elbow up a little bit because I've been carrying an elbow injury for a long time so I'll get that cleaned up.

"I broke my nose a few weeks ago so it'll be nice to give that a rest.

"I've had a number of injuries that don't stop you playing but just niggle away in the background."

And Freeman? Surely at 20 years old his body is feeling fresher?

"On Tuesday, I'm off to Sweden for some surgery on both my knees," said the talented back, who is set to make his 17th appearance of the season at Bath on Saturday.

"It's just some scraping so real minor surgery and that will put me in rehab for a few weeks in the off-season.

"Hopefully I'll get a week away somewhere, down to Cornwall or something.

"I do just need to relax because this is the most rugby I've played at this level."

Good luck to them both.