'Everyone will stick together' - Ludlam reacts to Saints pay cuts

Lewis Ludlam says everyone at Saints will stick together after the club announced 25 per cent pay cuts across the board on Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday, 26th March 2020, 7:00 am
The Saints players at sticking together in troubling times

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused huge uncertainty for Gallagher Premiership clubs and the majority of them are taking action to save funds.

Ludlam and his fellow players will take a financial hit in the weeks and months to come, with pay cuts coming into force at Franklin's Gardens from April 1.

But the England flanker says the most worrying thing is not the money, it is the uncertainty surrounding when Saints will be able to play again.

"It's a strange one because we're in a situation where we care about the club and we don't want the club to be struggling financially but there are lads with families who want to be able to provide for their families still," Ludlam said.

"It's a strange situation in that regard, but everyone at the club is in exactly the same boat, from top to bottom, and we're really trying to stick together as much as we can.

"It's not the cuts that are the issue, it's that we don't know how long it's going to be going on for.

"The whole uncertainty of it all is the worrying thing.

"It's not even the pay as such, it's about when we as players and staff are all going to get back to what we love and that's the most disheartening thing because you want to be doing things.

"It's all changing so quickly and you can be planning for something but then it all changes the next day.

"It's a strange situation to be in and I know the club is doing what it can to stay alive and as players we're trying to stick together as much as possible to find solutions.

"The thing that's really worrying people is the uncertainty of when we're going back to what we want to do, which is win games and push for trophies as well."

And Ludlam added: ""Not in a cheesy way, but you find out who you are as a club and the true identity of the club comes out in these times.

"We're working hard to come out on the right side of it and we're sticking together as a club as much as we can.

"We are training separately but we're trying to come out of this, whenever it may be, on the right side and it will make all the difficult times worth it for the people who come to watch it at the weekend and buy the season tickets to all the staff and players who bodies on the line every week.

"We want to come out of this positively and come out the right end."