NCL RESULTS SPECIAL: Champions ONs hit the top as the season enters final straight

Action from Overstone Park's clash with Finedon Dolben IIs (Pictures: Dave Ikin)
Action from Overstone Park's clash with Finedon Dolben IIs (Pictures: Dave Ikin)

With five games of the season remaining, reigning champions Old Northamptonians have hit the top of the Hevey Building Supplies NCL Premier Division.

On what could prove to be a pivotal weekend, Rob White’s side took full advantage of the top two cancelling each other out in the big game.

Cogenhoe v Thrapston

Cogenhoe v Thrapston

While morning leaders Rushton and Peterborough were drawing a Bretton Gate, ONs were hammering rock-bottom Wollaston and they leapfrogged their rivals to open up a narrow three point lead at the top.

Skipper White smashed 138 as ONs made 263 for six against Wollaston, before Tom Heathfield claimed six for 220 to dismiss Wollaston for just 65.

The big game was edged by Peterborough, who now go second in the table, after they smashed 274 for five with Asim Butt hitting 130.

Rushton settled for a draw, with Ben Coddington making an unbeatne 56 as they closed on 174 for five.

Cogenhoe v Thrapston

Cogenhoe v Thrapston

Full results below,

Results, Saturday, August 26


Finedon Dolben 139-0 (Callum Berrill 55no, Sean Davis 76no) beat Brixworth 138 all out (Fred Newborough 35, Thomas Minney 3-20) by 10 wkts

Overstone Park v Finedon

Overstone Park v Finedon

Geddington 205 all out (Amit Dhadwal 44, Luke Cummins 31, Charlie Gingell 46, Mark Wolstenholme 4-47) lost to Horton House 228-9 (Ewan Cox 113, Andrew Neat 36, Tiann Raubenheimer 3-72) by 23 runs

Northampton Saints 138 all out (Harry Adair 63, Oliver Warwick 4-34) lost to Rushden 313-6 (Sam Kumar 34, Chanaka Ruwansiri 170, William Bates 35no) by 175 runs

Peterborough 274-5 (Asim Butt 130, David Clarke 54) drew with Rushton 174-5 (Ben Coddington 56no, Joe Dawborn 3-43)

Stony Stratford 169 all out (Alex Strong 51, Bashrat Hussain 4-42) lost to Oundle 171-9 (Bashrat Hussain 61no, Alex Strong 6-46) by 1 wkt

Overstone Park v Finedon

Overstone Park v Finedon

Wollaston 65 all out (Tom Heathfield 6-20) lost to Old Northamptonians 263-6 (Rob White 138, Thomas Hafil 51, Tom Doyle 4-57) by 198 runs


Brigstock 156 all out (Ian Sharp 42, John Maynard 3-37) beat Burton Latimer 93 all out (Tashwin Lukas 7-20) by 63 runs

Desborough 251-5 (Simon Renshaw 101, Wayne Steed 50) lost to East Haddon 252-4 (Craig Burger 37, Robbie Povey 85, Stephan Joubert 60) by 6 wkts

Loddington 128 all out (Josh Plowright 69, George Carr 4-22, Adam Davies 3-27) beat Isham 59 all out (Ben Roberts 3-18, Nicholas Herbert 4-7) by 69 runs

Old Northamptonians IIs 120-8 (Alex King 3-44) drew with Wellingborough Town 170 all out (Darren Trotter 44, Amrit Basra 5-38)

Overstone Park v Finedon

Overstone Park v Finedon

Overstone Park 258-5 (Charles Eddwards 127, Jordan Capel 35, Matthew Sunter 50) beat Finedon Dolben IIs 161 all out (Tom Swann 64, Sheel Patel 4-39) by 97 runs

Thrapston 190-4 beat Weekley and Warkton 188 all out by 6 wkts


Earls Barton 131 all out (Adrian Flynn 4-32, Jack Fuller 3-38) lost to Long Buckby 240-6 (Duncan Harris 81, David Holmes 42, Sam Bevin 32no, Kyle Lawrence 4-61) by 109 runs

Great Houghton 217-7 (Luke Mcafee 36, Chris taylor 5-59) lost to St Crispins Ryelands 221-2 (Thomas Robotham 85, Jack Goodman 111no) by 8 wkts

Kettering 150 all out (Theo Brooks 30, Wesley Langdon 33no, Michael Hosking 4-40, James Burrows 3-40) lost to Old 188-8 (Ben Street 33, Sam Street 76, Sivam Popat 3-43) by 38 runs

Old Wellingburians 189-6 (Matthew Ingram 42, Shahrayz Nazim 30, Simon Denton 42no) drew with Irthlingborough Town 225-8 (Martin Hills 49, Neil White 50, James Stevenson 37, Nehal Patel 7-46)

Rushden IIs 82-9 (Connor Parnell 5-32) lost to Peterborough IIs 83-0 (Kyle Medcalf 48no, Daniel Oldham 35no) by 10 wkts

Wellingborough Indians 227-6 (Raul Patel 104no) beat Northampton Saints IIs 225-7 (Affie Hussain 33, Elliot Deeks 50) by 4 wkts


Brixworth IIs 285-3 (Phil Perryman 121, Paul Gardner 32, Dave Marlow 110) beat Heyford 189 all out (Rory Small bone 55, James Edwards 43, Dave Marlow 3-68) by 96 runs

Horton House IIs 316-7 (Alex Walker 102, Alex Chalcraft 100, Rizwan Alam 36no) beat Great Oakley 75 all out (Aaron Bell 33no, Will Smith 5-34, Nick Walker 3-40) by 241 runs

Kislingbury 131-2 (Byron Wyngard 56, Patrick Morris 50) beat Wollaston IIs 129 all out (Nathan Jones 3-35, Eddie Fowler 4-42) by 8 wkts

Old Grammarians 154-2 beat Irchester 153 all out by 8 wkts

Oundle IIs 195-3 (Guy Bolsover 109no, Colin Ray 40no) beat Old Northamptonians IIIs 194 all out (Dave Watkin 80, Peter Wilson 3-58, Joe Charlton 4-38) by 7 wkts

Rothwell 174-7 (Faraz Ulaq 52, Rohin Thapar 41, James Chambers 46no, Joshua Whitehead 3-56) beat Stony Stratford IIs 172 all out (Ben Mitchell 33, Jamie Baxter 48) by 3 wkts


Bowden 275-7 (Karl Pollard 82, Daniel Madi 49, Charlie Standley 38, Alex Firth 37, Oliver Hanwell 5-77) beat Grendon and Prims 165 all out (Julian Barford 42, Oliver Hanwell 35) by 110 runs

Raunds 333-6 (Ben Simpson 155, Lewis Gates 58, Joshua Andic 51, Lee Morgan 30) beat Podington 249 all out (Kieran Fowler 99, Ian Hart 85, Ollie Bates 4-41) by 84 runs

Rushton IIs 166 all out (Peter Frankcam 39, John Fletcher 36) lost to Weldon 167-2 (Thomas Chenery 75, Joshua McLellan 47no) by 8 wkts

St Crispins Ryelands IIs 133-8 (David Hylands 50) beat Finedon Dolben IIIs 129 all out (Joe Grafikowski 32, Ben Harris 6-24) by 2 wkts

Wellingborough Town IIs 189-7 drew with Overstone Park IIs 278-6

West Haddon and Guilsborough 53 all out (Lee Smith 3-15, James Schofield 3-12) lost to Geddington IIs 54-2 by 8 wkts


Bold Dragoon 210-6 (Russell Heyworth 58, Mark Holliday 32no) beat Stony Stratford IIIs 109 all out (Seb Lord 5-16) by 101 runs

Cogenhoe 103 all out (Henry Swallow 61, Tom McNally 3-20) lost to Thrapston IIs 216-6 (Andy Stoker 38, Ryan Wright 34, Braeden Bettles 51no) by 113 runs

Northampton Saints IIIs 226-5 (Glenn Thompson 61, Joseph Leah 61, Tom Law 51no) beat Kettering IIs 134 all out (Rob Starsome 51n, Nasakat Hussain 4-34) by 92 runs

S and L Corby 186 all out (Danny Harris 4-47) beat Higham Ferrers 166 all out (Steven Matera 76, Dean Czyz 30) by 20 runs

Weekley and Warkton IIs 277-4 (Lee Fox 80, Jonathan Lamb 99, Navinder Nangla 68no) drew with Rothwell IIs 212-9 (Stephen O’Brien 60, Ross Parker 36no)

Yelvertoft 79 all out (Will Negus 32, Ashley Field 6-26) lost to Kempston 206-5 (Mark Russell 34, Leon Harvey 50, Nigel Thorn 61no) by 127 runs


Burton Latimer IIs 254-5 (Laura Tonks 34, Luke Styman 82no, John Boss 45, Joshua Coleman 30) drew with Loddington IIs 192-3 (Ryan Hawthorn 107no)

Carrib United 105-9 (Jitesh Thanawalla 4-27) lost to Harlestone 108-3 (James Ball 32, John Marshall 34, Amir Ahmed 36) by 7 wkts

East Haddon IIs 150-1 (Matthew Coe 35, Simon Smith 4-21) drew with Obelisk 123-9 (Michael Charnley 42)

Irthlingborough Town IIs 166-6 (Ben Potkins 33, Ryan Simpson 50, Anil Joshi 5-41) lost to Wellingborough Indians IIs 168-6 (Sunny Patel 84no) by 4 wkts

Podington IIs 176-9 (Adam Tee 31, Joshua Ozier 35) drew with Isham IIs 189-9 (Ian Kelland 41, Simon Court 31)


Great Oakley IIs 176 all out (Reece 3-0) lost to St Michaels 74 178-1 (Chris Goodson 32, Anthony Webb 103no) by 9 wkts

Gretton 68-9 (Tommy Reid 9-19) beat S and L Corby IIs 65 all out (Ryan Dunn 34, Ian Ward 3-5) by 1 wkt

Horton House IIIs 112 all out (David Morgan 32, Sean Carter 4-31) lost to Earls Barton IIs 114-5 (Paul Smith 34, Daniel Jackson 38) by 5 wkts

Old IIs 256-8 (James Hope 30, Ian Hamilton 63, Daniel Barton 3-59) drew with Desborough IIs 150-7 (Christopher Barton 59)

Spencer Bruerne 31-0 beat Mears Ashby 30 all out (Sam Heath 5-11, Matthew Law 5-16) by 10 wkts


Abington 220-4 (Jon Hill 31, Gareth Edinton 100no) beat Oundle IIIs 10 all out (Jon Hill 5-6) by 210 runs

Barton Seagrave 81 all out (Chris Lack 6-27) lost to Raunds IIs 149 all out (Stephen Crane 42, Chris Wright 3-24) by 68 runs

Bugbrooke 140 all out (Samuel bird 36, Joshua Sidebottom 31) beat St Michaels 91 all out by 49 runs

Old Northamptonians IVs 212 all out (Rhys Noble 110, Elliott Baker 3-45) drew with Bowden IIs 121-8 (George Hudson 3-31)


Hardingstone 182-6 (Robert Anderson 54, Phillip Monkman 36no) lost to Brixworth IIIs 183-5 (Christian Timm 39, David Bodily 52) by 5 wkts

Heyford IIs 114-8 lost to Great Houghton IIs 174 all out by 60 runs

Long Buckby IIs 169-3 (Chirstian Brient 85no) beat Old Grammarians IIs 168-8 (Nathan Joshi 53, Joe Oliver 4-40) by 7 wkts

St Crispins Ryelands IIIs 114-3 (Lawrence Knowles 49) beat Old Wellingburians IIs 110 all out (Steve Adams 6-19) 7 wkts

Wellingborough Town IIIs 40 all out lost to Irchester IIs 41-2 by 8 wkts


Harlestone IIs 146-5 beat Brigstock IIs 142 all out by 5 wkts

Weldon IIs 115 all out (Dave Freebody 43, Thomas Ray 4-24) lost to Little Harrowden 116-6 (Thomas Ray 34no) by 4 wkts

Wollaston IIIs 279-5 (Andy Luck 40, Paul Jones 90, Nathan Richards 58, Craig Boddington 32no) beat Rushden IIIs 130-8 (Scott Russell 45no) by 149 runs


Finedon Dolben IVs 122-1 (Matthew Carroll 53n, Darren Moors 32, Matt Henson 30no) beat Burton Latimer IIIs 120-8 by 9 wkts

Thrapston IIIs 131-4 (Graeme Ackroyd 32no) beat St Crispins Ryelands IVs 126 all out (Stephen Leak 68, Stephen Bennett 4-16) by 6 wkts


Irthlingborough Town IIIs 194-6 (Bob McDonald 40, Vince Thomas 46, Oliver Coleman 66) beat Bold Dragoon IIs 190-7 (Saad Ahmad 41, James Hurrell 34, Phil Austin 62no) by 4 wkts

Mears Ashby IIs 160-8 (Stuart Gray 39, Tony Adams 3-52) beat Grange Park 158 all out (Justin Benedetti 30, Mark ury 41, Steven Steel 33) by 2 runs

Obelisk IIs lost to Old Grammarians IIIs by forfeit

St Michaels 74 IIs 168 all out (Nick Croft 39, Jack Bradbury 3-21) beat Bugbrooke IIs 76 all out (Liam Jackson 55no) by 92 runs

Stony Stratford IVs 186-3 (Samuel Cole 42, Yash Tailor 48, Ian West 45) beat Hardingstone IIs 144 all out (Jamie Hartnett 45, Samuel Cole 3-27) by 42 runs


Brixworth IVs 127-4 (Charlie Batchelor 54, Richard Carrick 32no) beat Thrapston IVs 124 all out (Andrew Thomas 35, Mark Thomas 48) by 6 

Isham Zingari 100-9 (David Hobbs 71, Lee Walters 3-27) lost to Spencer Bruerne IIs 103-2 (Mark Behan 40no, Keith Finson 44no) by 8 wkts

Kettering IVs 227 all out (Jamie Ducker 51, Dnaiel Folgate 34, Sean Turner 43) beat Stony Stratford Vs 105 all out (Bilal Ahmed 42) by 122 runs


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Premier Division: Brixworth v Geddington, Horton House v Wollaston, Old Northamptonians v Stony Stratford, Peterborough v Saints, Rushden v Finedon Dolben, Rushton v Oundle.

Division One: Burton Latimer v Desborough, East Haddon v Loddington, Finedon Dolben IIs v Isham, Overstone Park v Old Northamptonians IIs, Weekley & Warkton v Brigstock, Wellingborough Town v Thrapston.

Division Two: Irthlingborough v Great Houghton, Kettering v Old Wellingburians, Long Buckby v Wellingborough Indians, Northampton Saints IIs v Rushden IIs, Old v Peterborough IIs, St Crispin & Ryelands v Earls Barton.

Division Three: Great Oakley v Brixworth IIs, Heyford v Old Grammarians, Old Northamptonians IIIs v Irchester, Oundle IIs v Rothwell, Stony Stratford IIs v Kislingbury, Wollaston IIs v Horton House IIs.

Division Four: Finedon Dolben IIIs v Wellingborough Town IIs, Geddington IIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IIs, Grendon & Prims v Rushton IIs, Podington v Overstone Park IIs, Raunds v Bowden, Weldon v West Haddon & Guilsborough.

Division Five: Cogenhoe v S&L Corby, Higham Ferrers v Bold Dragoon, Kempston v Weekley & Warkton IIs, Rothwell IIs v Northampton Saints IIIs, Stony Stratford IIIs v Yelvertoft, Thrapston IIs v Kettering IIs.

Division Six: Isham IIs v Burton Latimer IIs, Loddington IIs v Irthlingborough IIs, Obelisk v Harlestone, Wellingborough Indians IIs v Carrib United.

Division Seven: Desborough IIs v Gretton , Earls Barton IIs v S&L Corby IIs, Horton House IIIs v Spencer Bruerne, Mears Ashby v Great Oakley IIs, St Michaels 74 v Old IIs.

Division Eight: Bowden IIs v Raunds IIs, Old Northamptonians IVs v Abington, Oundle IIIs v Bugbrooke, Overstone Park IIIs v Barton Seagrave, St Michaels (N) v West Haddon & Guilsborough IIs.

Division Nine: Brixworth IIIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs, Great Houghton IIs v Old Wellingburians IIs, Irchester IIs v Long Buckby IIs, Old Grammarians IIs v Hardingstone.

Division 10: Brigstock IIs v Rushden IIIs, Geddington IIIs v Wollaston IIIs, Harlestone IIs v Weekley & Warkton IIIs, Kettering IIIs v Weldon IIs.

Division 11: Horton House IVs v Cogenhoe IIs, Kislingbury IIs v Higham Ferrers IIs, St Crispin & Ryelands IVs v Overstone Park IVs.

Division 12: Bold Dragoon IIs v Grange Park, Bugbrooke IIs v Mears Ashby IIs, Hardingstone IIs v St Michaels 74 IIs, Old Grammarians IIIs v Stony Stratford IVs.

Division 13: Barby IIIs v S&L Corby IIIs, Spencer Bruerne IIs v Kettering IVs, Stony Stratford Vs v Old IIIs, Thrapston IVs v Isham Zingari

Cogenhoe v Thrapston

Cogenhoe v Thrapston

Saints v Rushden

Saints v Rushden

Saints v Rushden

Saints v Rushden

Saints v Rushden

Saints v Rushden