NCL: Joy for Jake as Saints cruise to win over Geddington

HAVE THAT! - Saif Zaib hits out during his innings for Saints in their win over Geddington (PIctures: Dave Ikin)
HAVE THAT! - Saif Zaib hits out during his innings for Saints in their win over Geddington (PIctures: Dave Ikin)

Jake Higginbotham produced a five-star showing as Saints smashed Geddington in the Hevey Building Supplies NCL Premier Division last Saturday.

Higginbotham claimed figures of five for 19 to lead his side to a comprehensive 207-run success as Geddington were skittled out for just 96.

Earls Barton v Rothwell

Earls Barton v Rothwell

Earlier, Saints had made their way to 303 for six, with Northants all-rounder Saif Zaib racking up 84 and Charlie Home making 71.

Higginbotham hit an unbeaten 50, with Joe Collins also registering a half-century.

Leaders Old Northamptonians were also big winners as they beat Rushton by 10 wickets.

Richard Kaufman and Tom Heathfield both claimed four for 15 as Rushton were dismissed for just 94 before ONs cruised to victory.

Saif Zaib in action for Saints

Saif Zaib in action for Saints

Opening pair Tom Heathfield (23no) and William Heathfield (48no) eased their team to victory, with Rushton conceding 24 extras, which included 23 wides.

Horton House tasted defeat as they lost by 95 runs at Finedon Dolben.

Alex Mills hit 62 in the Horton reply, but they were all out for 160 when answering Finedon’s 255 for nine.

William Knibbs (3-32) and Henry Warren (3-70) both took three wickets for Horton.

Saints v Geddington

Saints v Geddington

Only John Bowers (28) and Toby Cowley (21) made it into double figures as Brixworth were bowled out for 75 before losing by nine wickets to Peterborough Town.

In division one, Overstone Park moved to the top of the table after their 14-run win against Wellingborough Town.

Vikseh Patel hit 63 to help Overstone reach 225 for five from their 50 overs.

And Wellingborough couldn’t make it to the victory target as Hitesh Patel (2-21), Daniel Adams (2-31) and Matthew Cannon (2-49) all took two wickets to dismiss them for 211.

Jack Thurman bowls for Geddington against Saints

Jack Thurman bowls for Geddington against Saints

Stony Stratford bowled out Weekley & Warkton for 177 to earn a 16-run success.

Dean Bryce (3-22) and Jamie Baxter (3-43) both bagged three wickets, while Alex Strong and Sainath Ravikumar both earlier hit 39 as Stony made it to 193 all out.

East Haddon were all out for 87 as they were beaten by seven wickets by Loddington & Mawsley.

Faisal Khaliq took two wickets for Haddon, but Loddington cruised home.

Daniel Hill (31) top scored for Old Northamptonians IIs but they were beaten by 22 runs by Kettering Town.


Earls Barton v Rothwell

Earls Barton v Rothwell

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Premier Division

Finedon Dolben 255-9 (Greig Hofbauer 42, Matthew Swann 66, Jack Chopping 27, William Knibbs 3-32, Henry Warren 3-70) beat Horton House 160 all out (Alex Mills 62, Drew Birierley 3-33, Michael Evans 5-29) by 95 runs

Saints 303-6 (Saif Zaib 84, Charlie Home 71, Joe Collins 50, Jake Higginbotham 50no) beat Geddington 96 all out (Andrew Reynoldson 34, Jake Higginbotham 5-19) by 207 runs

Rushton 94 all out (George Parker 27, Tom Heathfield 4-15, Richard Kaufman 4-15) lost to Old Northamptonians 95-0 (William Heathfield 48no) by 10 wkts

Oundle Town 159 all out (James Kettleborough 40, Peter Foster 52, Nathan Healey 4-58, Robert Bassin 4-44) lost to Wollaston 162-9 (Ajay Momi 27, Liam Fresen 4-31) by 1 wkt

Division One

East Haddon 87 all out (Nicholas Herbert 3-28, Liam Flecknor 5-35) lost to Loddington & Mawsley 91-3 (Jaymesh Patel 42no) by 7 wkts

Burton Latimer 210-9 (David Shelford 76, Aiden Cunningham 47, Craig Fowler 4-46, Kieran Fowler 3-41) beat Irthlingborough Town 178 all out (Ashley Doggett 61, Damon Hanney 3-40) by 32 runs

Desborough Town 263-4 (Simon Renshaw 82, Lee Pollard 74no, Alex Forward 55no) beat Isham 175 all out (George Chudley 41, Oliver Brown 55, Tony Hall 4-43) by 88 runs

Kettering Town 181-6 (Rhys Linnell 72, Steven Wilson 49no) beat Old Northamptonians IIs 159-7 (Daniel Hill 31, Theo Brooks 3-30) by 22 runs

Overstone Park 225-5 (Ryan Arnold 36, Vikesh Patel 63, Marc Bliss 36, Guy Sunter 28no, Hitesh Patel 28no) beat Wellingborough Town 211 all out (Lewis Kain 36, Qaseem Dawlatzi 45no) by 14 runs

Stony Stratford 193 all out (Alex Strong 39, lost to Weekley & Warkton 177 all out (Bahrat Hussain 64, Andrew Bussey 27, Dean Bryce 3-22, Jamie Baxter 3-43) by 16 runs

Division Two

Earls Barton 203 all out (Callum Ward 60, Thomas Mills 51, Mehul Adatia 3-39) beat Rothwell Town 190 all out (Rohin Thapar 75, Marvin Hill 60, Matt Nel 4-36, Charlie Lawrence 5-36) by 13 runs

Great Houghton 149 all out (Charles Hart 71, Nadir Haider 7-43) lost to Peterborough Town IIs 150-6 (Sreehari Subramonian 62no, Josh Hughes 3-38) by 4 wkts

Kislingbury Temperance 90 all out (Pieter Pretorius 39, Liam Watkin 4-30, Dhiraj Khullar 4-41) lost to Saints IIs 91-7 (Oliver Hanwell 32no, James Gaul 4-29) by 3 wkts

Finedon Dolben IIs 163 all out (Tom Carroll 33, James Farrow 47, Adrian Flynn 3-28, Jack Fuller 3-31) beat Long Buckby 121 all out (Terry Cooper 49, Thomas Minney 5-26, Andy Daniels 3-16) by 42 runs

Wellingborough Indians 123 all out (Sunil Semplay 40, Jake Spencer 3-19, Martin Quenby 3-17) lost to St Crispin & Ryelands 124-5 (Thomas Robotham 35, Tom Goodman 40no, Sunil Semplay 3-40) by 5 wkts

Old 182 all out (Ben Street 91, Ben Parry 4-46) lost to Thrapston 183-9 (Paul Spicker 79, Will Groenland 47, Andy Hayward 5-37) by 1 wkt

Division Three

Weldon 264-7 (Joshua McLellan 117, Sinjin Bulbring 43, Colin Judd 3-45) beat Geddington IIs 197 all out (Mark Thomas 40, Chris Harrison 43, Zak Gillies 3-41, Harpreet Saini 4-39) by 67 runs

Great Oakley 160 all out (Chris York 53, Jacob Gilder 4-51) lost to Heyford 161-4 (James Edwards 32, Simon Legge 79no) by 6 wkts

Irchester 214-7 (Thomas Duxson 104no, Nathan McDonald 36, Ben Jordan 3-55) beat Horton House IIs 122 all out (Vineet Patel 43, Kiron Das 31, Scott Lawson 3-26, Nathan McDonald 4-28) by 92 runs

Rushden Town IIs 120 all out (William Liptrot 52, George Martin 3-21) beat Oundle Town IIs 121-5 (Jonathan Dalley 45, Tommy Simeons 39no) by 5 wkts

Division Four

Bowden 270-7 (Karl Pollard 35, Sam Gomez 44, Daniel Broughton 55, Anthony Roberts 68no) beat Kempston Hammers 214 all out (Gavin Howson 43, Matthew Plowman 76, Daniel Broughton 4-35, Lee Wilson 5-38) by 56 runs

Wellingborough Town IIs 237-4 (Alex Bendon 80, Ben Dhaliwal 90, Tim Coleman 42) beat Poddington 229 all out (Adam Tee 78, John Humphreys 42no, Clive Farrar 4-48) by 8 runs

St Crispin & Ryelands IIs 111 all out (Jon Buckby 3-26, James Dawson 3-14, Simon Nicholls 3-27) lost to West Haddon & Guilsborough 114-3 (Alexander Smith 34) by 7 wkts

Rushton IIs 233 all out (Adam Loake 45, Geoff Thompson 71, Dean Joy 85no, Danny Harris 5-39) lost to Higham Ferrers Town 237-3 (James Walker 59, Steven Materna 136no) by 7 wkts

Overstone Park IIs 194-7 (Ben Hartley 30, Kinul Patel 36, Alex Quatrine 32, Rory Seymour 3-24) beat Old Northamptonians IIIs 76 all out (Rahul Popat-Junior 4-26) by 118 runs

Finedon Dolben IIIs 224 all out (Chris Stock 56, Lee Morgan 3-23) beat Raunds Town 211 all out (Lewis Gates 38, Chris Lack 36, Ollie Bates 44, Joe Grafikowski 3-30) by 13 runs

Division Five

Cogenhoe 200-9 (Daniel McLaughlin 37, Henry Swallow 54, Ryan Knight 34, Daniel O’Dell 3-42, Nazakat Husain 3-41) beat Bold Dragoon 131 all out (Syed Ali Naqil 30, Paul Smith 3-30, Nick Lester 4-11) by 69 runs

Kettering Town IIs 216 all out (Martin Reece 68, Rob Starsmore 72no) lost to Carrib United 221-4 (Wilf Paris 38no) by 6 wkts

Stony Stratford IIs 157 all out (Hashan Ramanadanpulle 54no, Huw Turner 35no) lost to Saints IIIs 161-8 (Glenn Thompson 37, Andy Smith 4-43) by 2 wkts

Harlestone 287 all out (Jonathan Elder 89, Fahad Ahmed 33, Joe Ball 112) lost to S & L Corby 291-9 (Shaun Elliott 76, Sandeep Kumar 28, Tony Thurman 71, Don Chan 31no, Kudir Ali 37, Amir Ahmed 3-32) by 1 wkt

Weekley & Warkton 155-3 (Shiv Odedra 28, Ramkumar Jayaraman 48, Jack Issitt 3-22) beat Bedford 154 all out (Lee Fox 79, Jack Butlin 27) by 7 wkts

Yelvertoft 283-7 (Will Negus 63, Daniel McIlhiney 90no, Pierce O’Mahoney 34, William Hook 3-75) beat Thrapston 80 all out (Aaron Ellis 3-19, Adam Ursell 3-15) by 203 runs

Division Six

Wellingborough Indians iiS 184-8 (Hiren Patel 67, Hiren Prajapati 32, Matthew Desborough 3-42, Paul Smith 3-22) beat Earls Barton IIs 172-5 (Bryn Swain 47no, Matthew Desborough 59) by 12 runs

Burton Latimer IIs 183 all out (Alan Sewell 30, John Boss 56, Joshua Whitwell 34, Stuart Keeping 5-38) beat East Haddon 145 all out (Stuart Keeping 40, Bhavin Davda 5-24, Alan Sewell 3-17) by 38 runs

Division Seven

Bugbrooke 180 all out (Ciaran Thomas 57, Kenneth Dobbins 30, Billal Bashir 33, Simon Smith 3-44) lost to Obelisk 182-3 (Gary Bliss 74no, Michael Charnley 43) by 7 wkts

Loddington & Mawsley IIs 252-3 (Steve Denton 107, Ryan Hawthorn 75, George Denton 49) beat S & L Corby IIs 138 all out (Ryan Buckingham 34, Mark Harrison 29, George Denton 5-24) by 114 runs

Overstone Park IIs 109 all out (Ram Srinvasan 63, Toby Pert 4-36, Carl O’Dell 4-24) lost to Old IIs 112-6 (Tom Watson 36) by 4 wkts

Division Eight

Barton Seagrave 116 all out (Tony Clampin 30, Paul Guest 4-24) beat Raunds Town IIs 54 all out (Paul Guest 34no, Owen Lumley 5-3) by 62 runs

Wellingborough OGs IIs 101 all out (Jamie Burrows 5-34, Jon Hill 3-25) lost to Mears Ashby 102-0 (Jon Hill 46no, Lewis Coles 35no) by 10 wkts

Old Northamptonians IIIs 132 all out (Veeren Lala 33, Daniel Lewis 4-31) lost to Long Buckby 136-5 (Rob Wykes 29no, Jawvad Oryakhail 3-33) by 5 wkts

Oundle Town IIIs 103 all out (Robert Gomez 3-25, Harry Wilford 3-25) lost to Bowden IIs 106-1 (Robert Gomez 35, Francis Finnemore 40no) by 9 wkts

Horton House IIs 78 all out (Zahid Mirza 28, Alex Piper 4-3) lost to Sun Hardingstone 78-2 by 8 wkts

Division Nine

St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs 203 all out (Kunal Gandhi 73, Christopher Peck 3-62, Rhys Hopkins 3-50) lost to Heyford IIs 204-1 (Joshua Bastin 125no, Ross Cambray 60no) by 9 wkts

Great Houghton IIs 161-6 (Robert Hart 66, Alex Osborn 43, Jack Woods 3-29) beat Irchester IIs 91 all out (Mike Sawle 5-19) by 70 runs

St Michael’s 115 all out (Jim Wells 4-19) lost to Brixworth IIIs 116-7 (Keith Halford 51, Charlie Lloyd 35no, Tom Marlow 4-31) by 3 wkts

Little Harrowden 215 all out (Brian Mitcham 54, Jack Tenney 49, James Titmuss 31, Thomas Ray 28no) lost to Weldon 218-4 (Will Jones 67, Mark Haynes 39, Matthew Hay 46no, William Hay 31) by 6 wkts

Wollaston IIIs 131 all out (Hayden Melly 43) beat Wellingborough Town IIIs 116 all out (Ben Pearcy 30, Andrew Monteith 3-13, Nick Dawson 3-29) by 15 runs

Division 10

Brigstock IIs 116 all out (Nigel Shells 28, Mark Pearson 4-33) lost to Geddington IIIs 117-6 (Benjamin Templeman 51) by 4 wkts

Kislingbury Temperance IIs 228-8 (Nick Kingsnorth 29, Wendell Pemberton 35, Tony Roodt 83, Krishna Dholakia 3-44) beat Finedon Dolben IVs 96 all out (Dominic Arnold 28, Wendell Pemberton 4-25, Dale Ansell 3-22)by 133 runs

Cogenhoe IIs 123 all out (Jonathan Pelger 30, James Bushell 31, David Edwards 4-28) beat Harlestone IIs 116 all out (Russell Hyland 50, Tony Bird 3-23, James Bushell 3-21) by 7 runs

Weekley & Warkton IIIs 85 all out (Nick Dalziel 53, Benjamin Sales 3-20, Kieren Westbury 4-29) lost to Overstone Park IVs 86-0 (Joseph Sterling 56no) by 10 wkts

Raunds Town IIIs 79 all out (David York 4-24, Vishal Sharma 3-4) lost to Kettering Town IIIs 83-0 (Phillip Coward 29no, Jeremy Lines 41no) by 10 wkts

Division 11

Burton Latimer IIIs 178 all out (Michael Stock 63, Tyler Jolley 31, Kyle Oliver 4-21) lost to Thrapston IIs 130 all out (Iain Anderson 36, Michael Gardner 6-24) by 48 runs

Sun Hardingstone IIs 316-3 (Paul Larkin 102no, Gareth Barnard 53, Andrew Boot 37, Simon Chapman 76no) beat Horton House IVs 64 all out (Sooraj Premsagar 5-15) by 252 runs

St Crispin & Ryelands IVs 146 all out (Mike Nelson 29, Wesley Leak 46) lost to Irthlingborough Town IIs 147-9 (Harry Potkins 33no) by 1 wkt

Old Northamptonians Vs 136 all out (Kamil Ashraf 27) lost Stony Stratford IIIs 135-4 (Josh Hoy 65no, Rob Arnold 34) by 6 wkts

Division 12

Barby IIIs 212-6 (Matthew Beagley 38, Matthew Outhwaite 63, Thomas Lynch 34no) beat Mears Ashby IIs 154-9 (Liam Goodall 38, Steven Blanks 4-35) by 58 runs

Spencer Bruerne IIs 218-8 (Mark Behan 58, Richard Muscutt 43, Ash Day 35no, James Knight 3-60, Kevin Roberts 3-19) beat Brixworth IVs 169-8 (James Knight 59, Kevin Roberts 36no, Ian Bandey 30, Martin Sargeant 3-36, Lee Walters 3-36) by 49 runs

Bugbrooke IIs 77 all out (Liam Jackson 40, Rob Pinnington 3-11, Ollie Holmes 3-18) lost to Grange Park 80-4 (Edward Malone 3-25) by 6 wkts

Wellingborough OGs IIIs 165 all out (Stuart Jeffery 36, Ashley Jeffery 28, Ben Allen 4-42) lost to Obelisk IIs 168-7 (Steven Smith 28, Calvin Budd 62, Paul Wright 52no) by 3 wkts

St Michael’s 156-6 (Peter Lyons 92, Benjamin Elston 3-22) beat Old IIIs 151 all out (Kristian Johnson 36, Benjamin Elston 42no, John Chapman 4-32, John Stretton 3-47) by 5 runs

Division 13

Geddington IIIs 202 all out (George York 69, Matthew Johns 44, Sam Cortese 4-3) beat Barton Seagrave IIIs 119 all out (Archie Colwill 4-10) by 83 runs

Isham Zingari 86 all out (Connor Grummett 3-19) lost to Saints Grendon IVs 87-5 (Sam Houghton 3-19) by 5 wkts

S & L Corby IIIs 163-7 (Jimmy Waheed 27, Alan Raine 39, Luke Jackson 29no, Dave Reith 4-26) beat Weldon IIIs 141-5 (Paul Carruthers 74no) by 22 runs

Stony Stratford IVs 71 all out (Adam Hill 35, Neil Balliston 3-12) lost to West Haddon & Guilsborough IIs 72-8 (Ketan Kadakia 6-16) by 2 wkts

Thrapston IIs 139 all out (Andrew Thomas 63) lost to Kettering Town IIIs 140-4 (Mike Storey 67, Tommy Sims 28, Les Thurbon 3-25) by 6 wkts

Hevey Building Supplies NCL T20 Championship

Pool One

Rushton conceded to Finedon Dolben

Pool Two

Brigstock conceded to Old Northamptonians

Rushden Town conceded to Horton House

Pool Three

Oundle Town 106 all out (Ben Carrick 3-36) lost to Brixworth 109-4 (John Bowers 39, Harry Gouldstone 30no, Toby Cowley 32) by 6 wkts

Geddington 100 all out (Harry Bolton 27, James Kettleborough 5-7) lost to Oundle Town 102-2 (James Kettleborough 50no) by 8 wkts

Northampton Saints conceded to Geddington

Hevey Building Supplies NCL T20 Cup

Podington 180 all out (Adam Tee 99) lost to Rothwell Town 184-3 (Rohin Thapar 111no, Dean Spreadbury 32) by 7 wkts


Saturday, June 9, 2018


Premier Division: Brigstock v Peterborough, Brixworth v Northampton Saints, Geddington Geddington v Finedon Dolben, Horton House v Rushton, Old Northamptonians v Wollaston, Oundle v Rushden.

Division One: Burton Latimer v East Haddon, Desborough v Irthlingborough Town, Kettering v Stony Stratford, Loddington v Overstone Park, 
Weekley & Warkton v Isham, Wellingborough Town v Old Northamptonians IIs.

Division Two: Finedon Dolben IIs v Earls Barton, Northampton Saints IIs v Great Houghton, Old v Kislingbury, Peterborough IIs v Long Buckby, Rothwell v St Crispin & Ryelands, Wellingborough Indians v Thrapston.

Division Three: Heyford v Horton House IIs, Irchester v Geddington IIs, Rushden IIs v Old Grammarians, Stony Stratford IIs v Oundle IIs, Weldon v Brixworth IIs, Wollaston IIs v Great Oakley.

Division Four: Finedon Dolben IIIs v Bowden, Kempston v Higham Ferrers, Overstone Park IIs v Wellingborough Town IIs, Podington v Raunds, Rushton IIs v West Haddon & Guilsborough, St Crispin & Ryelands IIs v Old Northamptonians IIIs.

Division Five: Bedford Town v Kettering IIs, Bold Dragoon v S&L Corby, Caribbean United v Yelvertoft, Harlestone v Northampton Saints Grendon IIIs, Stony Stratford IIIs v Weekley & Warkton IIs, Thrapston IIs v Cogenhoe.

Division Six: Earls Barton IIs v Rothwell IIs, East Haddon IIs v Spencer Bruerne, Isham IIs v Burton Latimer IIs, St Michaels 74 v Wellingborough Indians IIs.

Division Seven: Obelisk Kingsthorpe v Desborough IIs, Overstone Park IIIs v Gretton, S&L Corby IIs v Old IIs.

Division Eight: Bowden IIs v Barton Seagrave, Horton House IIIs v Oundle IIIs, Long Buckby IIs v Hardingstone, Old Grammarians IIs v Old Northamptonians IVs, Raunds IIs v Mears Ashby.

Division Nine: Brixworth IIIs v Weldon IIs, Great Houghton IIs v Wollaston IIIs, Little Harrowden v Irchester IIs, St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs v St Michaels (N), Wellingborough Town IIIs v Heyford IIs.

Division 10: Cogenhoe IIs v Finedon Dolben IVs, Geddington IIIs v Harlestone IIs, Kettering IIIs v Brigstock IIs, Kislingbury IIs v Overstone Park IVs, Weekley & Warkton IIIs v Rushden IIIs.

Division 11: Hardingstone IIs v Stony Stratford IVs, Irthlingborough Town IIIs v Burton Latimer IIIs, Old Northamptonians Vs v Bold Dragoon IIs, Thrapston IIIs v Horton House IVs.

Division 12: Bugbrooke IIs v Obelisk Kingsthorpe IIs, Mears Ashby IIs v St Michaels 74 IIs, Old IIIs v Brixworth IVs, Old Grammarians IIIs v Barby IIIs, Spencer Bruerne IIs v Grange Park.

Division 13: Barton Seagrave IIs v S&L Corby IIIs, Northampton Saints Grendon IVs v Stony Stratford Vs, Weldon IIIs v Kettering IVs, West Haddon & Guilsborough IIs v Geddington IVs.

Overstone Park versus Wellingborough Town

Overstone Park versus Wellingborough Town