BOWLS: Smith’s rink leads Daventry’s victory charge

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Daventry Indoor Bowls Club were 110-99 winners in their match against Avon Valley.

Captain John Sach welcomed Avon Valley and commented what a friendly game it had been. Captain John presented the highest winning rink to skip Adge Smith, Margaret Stevens, Hazel Wallage and June Gelder.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Clive Collins, Maureen Dawson, Ray Dawson & Alan Davies 18 B Griffin 12

Rink 2: Jim Hicks, Sylvia Hatfield, Philip Daynes & Brian Gelder 19 M Tatlow 19

Rink 3: June Gelder, Hazel Wallage, Margaret Stevens & Adge Smith 26 T North 14

Rink 4: Debs Sach, Anne Smith, Barbara Langdon & John Sach 9 J Brain 20

Rink 5: Ken Garlick, Barbara Hutt, Brian Robbins & Judy Hicks 25 A Barker 13

Rink 6: Graham Ballinger, Terence Genn, Malcolm Payne & Norman Langdon 13 D Washbourn 21

Northampton prove too hot to handle

DAVENTRY went down 107-99 to Northampton & District on Thursday.

Captain John Sach thanked Northampton & District for the warm welcome, and friendly game. Sach presented the highest winning rink to skip Peter Mercer, Stephen Dick, Grahame Akers and June Gelder.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Anthony Robinson, Sandra Hollamby, Brian Gelder & Alan Davies 17 D Cox 19

Rink 2: Ken Garlick, Brian King, Margaret Stevens & Robert Humphris 13 A Ward 11

Rink 3: Keith Faulding, Jennie Mercer, Barbara Langdon & John Sach 15 M Hall 20

Rink 4: Trevor Taylor, Dennis Hollamby, Brian Robbins & Adge Smith 17 J Davelson 21

Rink 5: June Gelder, Grahame Akers, Stephen Dick & Peter Mercer 24 N Smith9

Rink 6: Gill Wykes, Anne Smith, Judy Hicks & Norman Langdon 13 R Jones 27

County youngsters fight back to win

Despite a good lead by Daventry at the halfway stage, the youngsters of Northamptonshire NIBA beat a mixed friendly team at home on Sunday 79-92.

Captain-on-the-day, president, Norman Langdon, presented Anne Smith, Jennie and Pete Mercer with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Ken Garlick, Barbara Langdon & Norman Langdon 17 Tom Wellburn 19

Rink 2: June Gelder, Brian Gelder & Judy Hicks 9 Matt Cattell 21

Rink 3: Jim Hicks, Margaret Stevens & Adge Smith 10 Adam Pitfield 24

Rink 4: Anne Smith, Jennie Mercer & Peter Mercer 29 Chloe Weston 10

Rink 5: Hazel Wallage, Mary Gillard & Alan Davies 14 Billy Swift 18

Daventry mixed see off Kingsthorpe

Daventry mixed team enjoyed an excellent win on Thursday at Kingsthorpe in Northampton.

Despite being more than 20 shots down at the halfway stage, Daventry clawed it back to win 111-106. This was Kingsthorpe’s first defeat of the season.

Captain, John Sach presented Ken Garlick, Sylvia Hatfield, Margaret Stevens and Bob Humphris with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores

Rink 1: June Gelder, Grahame Akers, Brian Robbins & Adge Smith 17 Lee Everett 21

Rink 2: Keith Faulding, Brian King, Barbara Langdon & John Sach 16 John Harrison 15

Rink 3: Mary Gillard, Michael Robins, Brian Gelder & Brenda Bishop 14 R Everson-Watts 16

Rink 4: Margaret Daynes, Hazel Wallage, Helen Humphris & Peter Mercer 16 Brian Kaye 23

Rink 5: Ken Garlick, Sylvia Hatfield, Margaret Stevens & Robert Humphris 26 R Caswell 15

Rink 6: Debs Sach, Jennie Mercer, Alan Davies & Norman Langdon 22 George Clifton 16

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