Wheatsheaf battle to bag overall victory

THIS week saw the completion of the first half of the summer season in the Daventry Darts League.

The first game saw Caseys visit Wheatsheaf Braunston and it was the home side that got off to a great start.

They took the pairs game 2-1 when Swanny (125, 100 x 3, 122s) and Tommy Kendall (100) beat Nigel Turland (100) and Chris Gay (100 x 4, 112f).

And then took the opening singles when Gavin Taylor (132, 121) beat Gary Birch (100) 3-0.

The away side got back into the game thanks to wins from Nigel Turland (126f, 106s) 2-1 over Tommy Kendall (140) and Chris Gay (100 x 2, 114s) 3-0 over Gordy Aldridge (140).

But a 3-0 win for Swanny (134, 133, 100 x 3, 131f) over John Gaul (140) put the home side in a dominant position and another win for Glen Thompson (100s) over Caley (119, 100) in the final game gave Wheatsheaf Braunston an 11-7 win overall.

Game two saw Long Buckby FC entertain The Olde Sun and this could not have been any closer.

The home side took the pairs game when Mick Feasey (122) and Ged Berrill (115, 100) beat Rory Smallbone (123) and Lee Arnold (100) 2-1.

But the away side made it level when Pete Mullen (140, 121, 120, 100 x 3) beat Ray Feasey (100) 2-1.

They then edged ahead when Glenn Kilgour (100) beat Mick Feasey (100) 2-1 but Ian Bow (100 x 5) beat Lee Arnold (140, 100) 2-1 to make it all level again.

Dale Collins (121, 118, 100 x 2) beat Joe Gammidge (127, 114) to put the away side ahead again but a 2-1 win for Pete Shirley (140, 125, 100, 160s) over Rory Smallbone (140, 121s) in the final game meant a nine-all draw overall.

DWMC B were at home to DWMC A in game three and the away side took the pairs game thanks to a 2-1 win for Ray Jones (140, 130, 100 x 3) and David Brockwell over Gavin Taylor (100) and Willie Taylor (100 x 2).

The home side hit back with a win for James Taylor (120, 100) 2-1 over Dave Jones (140, 100 x 3, 112s) before an away win for Wadey (100 x 4) 3-0 over Willie Taylor (125, 123).

The home side drew level again when Dave Keating (140, 101, 100) beat CJ (100) 3-0 but away wins for Andy Winters (140 x 2, 100 x 2) 2-1 over Rich Ludlow (100 x 2) and Ray Jones (140, 121, 100 x 3) 3-0 over Tony Leedham (100) gave leaders DWMC A an 11-7 overall win.

Game four saw Con Club at home to Slim Jims.

The away side put themselves in total control thanks to a pairs win for Rich Denis (140, 100 x 2) and Dave Harris 2-1 over Robin Peasland and Brian Seal followed by singles wins for Rachel Harris (100, 85 x 2, 81, 80, 109f, 132s) 2-1 over Robin Peasland (121) and Andy Teale 2-1 over Simon Adkins (140, 125).

A home win for Ivan Lester (140, 100) 2-1 over Sam Harris (100 x 2, 84, 83 x 2, 81, 80) provided temporary relief.

But this was followed by 3-0 away wins for Rich Denis (140 x 2, 138, 100, 100s) over Ray Hobrow and Burtie (140, 100 x 5) over Brian Seal to give Slim Jims an overall 13-5 win and help them close the gap slightly on leaders DWMC A.

Wheatsheaf Weedon B were unable to get a team for their game so The Peppermill are awarded a 10-0 win.

They have also now withdrawn from the league so teams due to play them in the second half of the season will receive a bye.

Performances of the week came from Swanny (131 finish, 122 start and 11 x 100+ on the night), Nigel Turland (126 finish), Chris Gay (112 finish), Pete Shirley (160 start) and Rachel Harris (109 finish and 132 start).

All games in the second half of the season which were to be held at The Peppermill will now be played at Slim Jims - many thanks to the management at Slim Jims for allowing this at such short notice.