Victory at the end but match went right to the wire

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IN THE first game this week, Long Buckby FC visited Con Club and this proved to be a close contest.

The home side took the pairs thanks to a 3-0 win for Ivan Lester (138) and Robin Peasland (105s) over Ian Bow (100 x 2) and Joe Gammidge.

The away side hit straight back with a 3-0 win in the first singles for Pete Shirley (140) over Nick Coe.

The home side then appeared to have things wrapped up with 3-0 wins for Robin Peasland (120, 100) over Ray Feasey (100) and Ivan Lester (140) over Ged Berrill (100 x 2).

Mick Feasey (135, 116s) ensured the match went to the final game with a 3-0 win over Stuart Coe Snr. But despite a 2-1 away win for Ian Bow (125, 100, 100s) over Simon Adkins (140, 100) it was Con Club who took a narrow 10-8 win overall.

Game two saw Wheatsheaf Weedon A at home to The Peppermill and this proved to be a comfortable victory for the home side.

They took the pairs game when Brian Farmer (100) and Mick Doney (140, 100 x 2) beat Paul Butler (140) and Alex Miller 2-1. This was followed by singles wins for Mick Doney (141, 140, 100) 3-0 over Keith Chapman (114) and Brian Farmer (140, 126, 100) 2-1 over Troy Miller (140, 100 x 2).

An away win came for Paul Butler (140, 100 x 3) 3-0 over Dave Bangs (100) but further home wins for Bully (140 x 2, 100 x 3) 3-0 over Alex Miller and Ozzy (100 x 2, 100s) 2-1 over Stuart Marshall (118) gave Wheatsheaf Weedon A an overall 12-6 success.

Game 3three saw Caseys visit DWMC B and it was the home side that took the pairs when Gav Taylor (100) and Rich Ludlow (117f) beat Dave Summerfield and Chris Gay (140, 100) 2-1.

The away side took the opening singles when Nigel Turland (140, 100 x 4) beat James Taylor (100) 3-0 but the home side closed the gap when Tony Leedham (140, 121, 100) beat Mark Taylor (100) 2-1.

From then on the away side dominated with wins for Dave Summerfield (140, 100 x 2, 101s) 3-0 over Rich Ludlow (140, 100 x 2, 100s), Gary Birch 2-1 over Gav Taylor (100 x 2) and finally Chris Gay (100, 152s) to give Caseys a 13-5 win overall.

The final game this week saw defending champions Slim Jims at home to champions-elect DWMC A. Slim Jims earned a narrow 10-8 win.

Performances of the week came from Robin Peasland (105 start), Chris Gay (152 start) and Rich Ludlow (117 finish).