Victorious VPs win by nine shots

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DAVENTRY Town BC played host to the Northamptonshire Vice-Presidents’ Association for the ‘Tom Ashby Trophy’.

This is a memorial to former chairman of the VPs and former member of Daventry Town, Tom Ashby.

In a close run match, with rink wins shared, the VPs managed to win by a slender nine shots.

The final score was Northamptonshire VPs 124 shots – Daventry Town 115 shots.

Rink scores, VP’s names first, were:

Rink 1. Ray Pollitt/Dave Garland/Derek Essam/Mick Griffin 20 shots – J Robinson/M Irving/John Bradley/Bernard Spreadbury 22 shots.

Rink 2. Brian Jones/Peter Byworth/Colin Incles/Keith Forbes 19 shots – Bill Welch/Jeff Walvin/A Smith/Duggie Mitchell 22 shots.

Rink 3. Graham Cashmore/Geoff Care/Jack Brown/Richard Dyball 18 shots – B Chaplin/S Beasley/Stan Alton/Chris Dovey 15 shots.

Rink 4. Tony Hancock/Harry Bell/Tony Buckmaster/Graham Dunscombe 13 shots – Keith Bishop/David Cooke/Eric Wareing/Mick Moulton 29 shots.

Rink 5. Geoff Chapman/Roly Smith/Trevor Wright/Ron Chambers 27 shots – Peter Ashbrook/P Davis/John Sach/John Worthington 15 shots.

Rink 6. Geoff Talbot/Gerard Stephenson/Brian Bailey/Dick Howell 27 shots – C Homaston/M Goddard/P Symonds/Dave Symonds 12 shots.