Tournament proves a great success

RUGBY and District Badminton Association arranged their first tournament in four years.

The tournament consisted of seven teams of four players, each playing six matches against the other teams in a ‘round robin’ format.

It was played at Rugby School sports hall.

The teams came from Hunters badminton Club, St Philips badminton Club, The Junior Squad (All Stars) and Leamington Club.

Four teams consisted of two men and two ladies, while three teams consisted of four men.

The role of the organising committee was to introduce and modify handicaps during the event to help the imbalance of men versus mixed in many of the games.

Games were played to 21 points.

There were 84 games in total, of which nearly 70 per cent went to a score of 21-15 or closer.

The overall winners were the “All Stars” made up of Tom and Callum Gallagher, John Wardropper and Patrick Deery.

The top six teams all finished within a total point difference of only 29 points.

All Stars 463; Hunters “A” 456; St Philips “A” 454; Hunters “B” 453; Leamington 438; 
St Philips “B” 434; Hunters 392.

Due to the success of the event, it is the intention of the Rugby and District Badminton Association to hold a second event in the early part of 2013.

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