Tornadoes sweep to win

TORNADOES swept away Duston to seal a convincing 37-16 win in the Daventry Netball League.

The Duston youngsters kept going even though the Tornadoes pushed them hard.

But Tornadoes kept up the pressure with accurate shooting to seal the win.

DW Ladies struggled to keep up with the dominating performance of G&Ts in the next match.

G&Ts used the whole court to their advantage to take the win 36 to 11.

The third match of the day was Fusion against Moulton Meerkats. Fusion kept ahead throughout and with excellent defence work won the game by 29 to 13.

The final match of 2011 was Hornets versus Ashmore Phoenix.

Ashmore took the lead after the first quarter with eight goals to five. But accurate passes and excellent defence work saw Hornets take the win 22 to 19.

First matches in 2012 begin on Sunday, January 8 and training begins Tuesday, January 10 from 7-8pm in the Daventry Leisure Centre.