Three wins in week

DAVENTRY men played the Northants County Indoor Bowling Association and recorded a close but excellent win 114-110.

The county were due to play the English Civil Service on that day but they were unable to fulfil the fixture so Daventry’s captain John Sach arranged a team to stand in.

The county representatives were impressed with the day and may look to make this a regular fixture.

Highest winning rink was Ken Garlick, Keith Bishop, George Clifton and Arthur Stowe 31 Brian Langdon 9.

Other rink scores were Peter Ashbrook, Alf Macari, John Sach and Rien Sach 7 Geoff Harris 28.

Alan Saunders, Adge Smith, Arthur Flynn and Duggie Mitchell 27 Norman Gibb 23. Brian Robbins, Brian Gelder, Alan Davies and Derek Brewer 18 Tony Weston 18.

Stan Alton, Reg Kershaw, Brian Jones and Tony Dicks 11 Brian Sherwood 21.

Ken Faulkner, Eric Wareing, Mike Starkey and Geoff Allen 20 Reg Jones 11.

Next up were Harborough and District again for a men’s match this time with four rinks. Although sharing the rink wins Daventry shaded it 73-71. Captain John Sach welcomed Phil Goodwin playing his first game for the club and Stan Alton played for the opposition who were a player short.

Highest winning rink was Phil Goodwin, Norman Scrimshaw, George Clifton and Peter Mercer 22 P Clarke 12. Other scores were Peter Ashbrook, Reg Kershaw, John Sach and Colin Dovey 19 M Johnson 13.

Brian Robbins, Bryon Tonks, Alan Davies and Derek Brewer 18 T Bryan 22. Ken Faulkner, Keith Bidhop, Alan Saunders and Adge Smith 14 J Woodford 23.

The Saturday mixed match this week was against Jaguar Cars and Daventry had a resounding home win 133-78 winning on all six rinks.

The captain’s rink of June Gelder, Carol Kershaw, John Sach (captain) and Norman Langdon recorded the highest win 32-10 against J Walker.

The other winning rink scores were John Hayward, Joan Bodily, Jennie Mercer and Stan Alton 27 A Kelly 8. Alf Macari, Debs Sach, Barbara Langdon and Judy Hicks 16 R Kelly 15.

Kath Alton, Liz Hayward, Alan Davies and Adge Smith 19 M Tudge 12. Audrey Budd, Mike Robins, Annie Scrimshaw, Peter Mercer 16 W Price 13.

Norman Scrimshaw, Anne Smith, Reg Kershaw and Brian Gelder 23 G Hornby 20.

The midweek ladies’ game this week was at home to the ladies from Slater Street Leicester.

In a close game with Daventry winning on three of the five rinks Leicester still went away with an 87-80 win.

Rink scores were Sheila Braybrook, Greta Orcherton, Annie Scrimshaw, Jenny Hammond 20 M Bland 18. Hazel Wallage, Madge Austin, Joan Bodily, Judy Hicks 17 B Gamble 15.

Julie Spreadbury, Ann Robinson, Sylvia Brewer, Shirley Shucksmith 15 D Wells 13. Margaret Carty, Jennie Mercer, Lil Greenwood, Sylvia Plant 14 Ann M 19. Julie Smith, Carol Kershaw, Kay Magrath, Jean Nixon 14 Mary K 22.

Saturday’s mixed six-rink game was also at home when the visitors were St Barbara’s from Coventry.

This was rather a one-sided match with Daventry winning on all six rinks and recording a 166-69 victory.

Highest winning rink was that of Carol Kershaw, Hazel Wallage, Sylvia Plant, Dave Symonds 40 L Mason 12. Other rink score were Kath Alton, Barry Bailey, John Sach, Norman Langdon 35 B Smith 9. June Gelder, Reg Kershaw, Brian Gelder Judy Hicks 32 J Sefton 10.

Max Harper, Mike Robins, Alan Saunders, Pat Symonds, 22 D Matherson 10. Julie Smith, Joan Bodily, Madge Austin, Stan Alton 18 T Procter 15.

Alf Macari, Deb’s Sach, Barbara Langdon, Sue Pernyes 19 K Townsend 13.