Tense games as cup hopefuls battle it out

Week 13

Charity Cup

This week saw the second round of the Charity Cup.

The first game saw The Con Club host Casey’s. The away side took the team game through Dave Summerfield (100x2), Gary Birch (130, 100) and Nigel Turland (100).

Casey’s then took the doubles game with a win for John Gaul (135) and ‘Apple’ (140). In the singles, Casey’s took the first four games through Luke Spence (140, 137x2), ‘Apple’ (125), Dave Summerfield (180, 1470, 116f) and Nigel Turland (132, 100x2).

Nick Coe took the last game for The Cons but it was Casey’s who progress to the next round.

Game two saw The Wheatsheaf, Braunston entertain St James A.

The away side took the team game through Rachel Harris (81), ‘Bully’ (100) and Richard Denis (140) only for Matt Edgar (140, 100) and Dave Jones (137, 100x2) to take the doubles game and level the match.

In the singles, a win for Richard Denis (140x2, 120, 100x3) gave St James the advantage only for The Wheatsheaf to take the next two games with wins for Tommy Kendall (180, 118, 100) and Matt Edgar (140, 131, 100x3).

A win for Mick Doney (100x2) sent the match into the deciding game where a win for Dave Jones (140, 100x3) sent The Wheatsheaf into the next round.

Game three saw The Wheatsheaf A, Weedon host The Plume of Feathers. The home side took the team game through Roy Osborne (125, 100), Debbie Farrant (98) and Max Murray (100x2). The Wheatsheaf then took the doubles game with a win for Shaun Gibbs (100x3) and Mark Parker (100).

A win for C Buckle (100x4) reduced the deficit only for Mark Parker (100x6) to restore the two-game advantage.

Michael Christie (125, 119, 100x2) pulled another game back for The Plume but wins for Shaun Gibbs (100) and Max Murray (100x2) gave The Wheatsheaf a 5-2 success and a place in the next round.

St James B also progress to the next round, as Friday’s did not turn up for the match.

Performances of the evening go to Dave Summerfield (180, 116f) and Tommy Kendall (180).