SWIMMING: Welcome return to the pool for Saville

Kian Saville
Kian Saville

The first competition of 2014 for the Dolphins was the Development Gala held at Daventry Pool.

This gala was intended for swimmers to attain or improve on qualification times for the 2014 Northamptonshire County Championships.

A total of 145 new or bettered times were achieved by the Dolphins swimmers.

Emily Smith-Williams broke the longstanding club 13/14yrs 200m butterfly record (previous holder Lucy Hammond held, since 1995), and 50 swimmers have qualified and entered the County Championships.

The club welcomed back Kian Saville, who competed for the first time since having major brain surgery only 12 weeks ago. This was testament to his determination to get back to doing what he loves best.

Sharp pleased with Biggleswade show

NINE Dolphins swimmers were accompanied by head coach Rob Sharp at the 15th Biggleswade Open Meet.

This was a licensed meet designated for regional and national qualification opportunities.


100m free: 13yrs 3rd Emily Sharp 1.04.78 / pb; 12yrs 5th Rachel Coates 1.08.46 / pb; 14yrs 6th Anya Bennett 1.04.77 / pb; 14yrs 7th Emily Smith-Williams 1.05.10 / pb; 14yrs 14th Ellie Davies 1.09.18; 15yrs+ 12th Rachel Sullivan 1.05.59; 15yrs+ Emma Bond 1.07.70

100m breast: 13yrs 2nd Christopher D’Agostino; 11yrs 15th Crawford Wright 1.52.41

100m butterfly: 14yrs 4th Emily Smith-Williams;

200m free: 11 yrs 12th Crawford Wright 2.48.10 pb

200m back: 15yrs+ 1st Rachel Sullivan 2.28.39 / pb / regional qualifying time; 13yrs 1st Emily Sharp 2.32.09 / regional qualifying time; 14yrs 2nd Emily Smith-Williams 2.35.80

200m individual medley: 11yrs 6th Crawford Wright 3.05.06 pb

200m breast: 14yrs 1st Emily Smith-Williams 2.50.22 / regional qualifying time; 14yrs 2nd Anya Bennett 3.00.74; 12yrs 6th Rachel Coates 3.05.64

100m back: 11yrs 5th Crawford Wright 1.26.49

400m free: 12yrs 2nd Rachel Coates 5.04.42 / pb; 14yrs 3rd Ellie Davies 5.19.80; 13yrs 4th Emily Sharp 5.03.20 / pb; 15yrs+ 6th Rachel Sullivan 4.50.09; 15yrs+ 7th Emma Bond 5.01.08

50m back: 11 yrs 3rd Crawford Wright 39.26 / pb; 14yrs 3rd Ellie Davies 36.73 / pb; 13yrs 6th Chris D’Agostino 36.27 / pb

50m butterfly: 11yrs 2nd Crawford Wright 37.34; 14yrs 3rd Anya Bennett 33.87 /pb; 13yrs 6th Chris D’Agostino 32.87

Most of these swimmers were up early the following morning as they were competing at the licensed level three meet at the City of Coventry Open meet.

The purpose of this meet was to practice competing ‘long course’ in the 50m pool (LCPB = long course personal best).

At this meet Rachel Sullivan was representing City of Coventry and Emily Smith-Williams representing Nuneaton and Bedworth SC where they also take additional training sessions.

This was a terrific confidence building competition with lots of new best times recorded and head coach Rob Sharp was delighted with the performances of all the competitors.


200m free: 11yrs 3rd Crawford Wright 2.46.77 LCPB; 12yrs 3rd Rachel Coates 2.34.19 LCPB; 13yrs 3rd Emily Sharp 2.30.33 LCPB; 14yrs+ 3rd Rachel Sullivan; 14yrs+ 5th Emily Smith-Williams LCPB; 14yrs+ 6th Anya Bennett 2.29.50 LCPB; 14yrs+ 12th Ellie Davies 2.39.70 LCPB

50m back: 9yrs 17th Anna Coates 1.02.13 LCPB

100m breast: 12yrs 3rd 1.33.10 Rachel Coates / LCPB; 14yrs 1st Emily Smith-Williams 1.22.47 / LCPB; 14yrs 2nd Anya Bennett 1.25.25

200m back: 13yrs 1st Emily Sharp 2.37.82 LCPB; 14yrs+ 1st Rachel Sullivan 2.35.75 LCPB; 14yrs + Emily Smith-Williams 2.42.45 LCPB; 14yrs 8th Ellie Davies 3.03.38 LCPB

100m butterfly: 11yrs 1st Crawford Wright 1.30.14 MASSIVE PB & LCPB

200m breast: 12yrs 2ND Rachel Coates 3.18.96 LCPB; 14yrs+ 1st Emily Smith-Williams 2.55.18; 14yrs+ 2nd Anya Bennett 3.08.13; 9yrs Anna Coates 10th / 4.38.69 LCPB

100m Free: 12yrs 2ND Rachel Coates 1.12.86 LCPB; 12yrs 3rd Polly Smith 1.13.02 LCPB; 14yrs+ 2nd Anya Bennett 1.06.81 LCPB; 14yrs+ 4TH Rachel Sullivan 1.06.97 LCPB; 14yrs+ 11th Ellie Davies 1.13.54 LCPB; 11yrs 4th Crawford Wright 1.14.38 LCPB

50m breast: 9yrs 14th Anna Coates 1.03.92 LCPB

12yrs 3rd Polly Smith 45.48 LCPB; 11YRS 8TH Crawford Wright 51.33 LCPB; 14yrs+ 10th Ellie Davies 49.64

50m free: 14yrs 1st Anya Bennett 30.86 LCPB; 14yrs+ 6TH Ellie Davies 33.57 LCPB; 14yrs+ Katie Ward 12th 35.11 LCPB; 9yrs 15th Anna Coates 52.32 LCPB; 12yrs 3rd Rachel Coates 33.09 LCPB

200m Individual medley: 13yrs 1st Emily Sharp 2.46.79 LCPB; 12yrs 2nd Rachel Coates 2.59.54 LCPB; 14yrs+ 2nd Emily Smith-Williams 2.41.84; 14yrs+ 3rd Rachel Sullivan 2.45.53

50m butterfly: 11yrs 1st Crawford Wright 37.06 LCPB; 14yrs+ 2nd Emily Smith-Williams 33.55 LCPB; 12yrs 5th Polly Smith 42.99

100m backstroke: 13yrs 1st Emily Sharp 1.14.88 lcpb; 14yrs+ 1st Rachel Sullivan 1.14.81; 14yrs+ 3RD Emily Smith-Williams 1.15.75 LCPB; 11yrs 4th Crawford Wright 1.28.40 LCPB; 12yrs 5th Polly Smith 1.28.92 LCPB

Based on the FINA points ranking system, top girl places were achieved by:

1st 14yrs Emily Smith-Williams / 2nd Emily Sharp 13yrs / 2nd Rachel Coates

Stack of persional bests at Harborough

DOLPHINS took a team of mixed abilities swimmers ages 9/u yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs and 12yrs to Market Harborough Pool for the friendly ‘Where’s Nemo?’ junior gala.

The intention of this gala was to give the most novice swimmers the opportunity of experiencing team competition and for some of the more experienced swimmers, important confidence boosting practice prior to the forthcoming County Championships.

There were 31 personal best times recorded.

Head coach Rob Sharp was particularly pleased with the swimmers performances and positive approach.


1st Market Harborough A 234

2nd Rugby 230

3rd Leicester Neptunes 204

4th Leicester Sharks 153

5th Daventry Dolphins 127

6th Market Harborough B 80

1st places: Justin Murphy 25m free; Maddie Ayris 25m breast

2nd places: Hannah Webber 12/u 50m fly; Ruben Snelson 9/u 25m free; Josh Hill 11/u 50m free

3rd places: Crawford Wright 12/u 50m back and 50m fly; Hannah Webber 12/y 50m back; Boys 10/u medley team: Stanley Beasley / Isaac Sharp / Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth / Oliver Railton; Girls 10/u medley relay team: Bethan Thomas / Anna Coates / Greta Grindrod / Felicity Cooksey; Liberty Smith 9/u 25m free Anna Coates 10/u 25m breast Matthew Natawidjaja 9/u 25m breast’ Skip Snelson 12/u 50m breast; Lucie Ward 12/u 50m breast