SWIMMING: Weakened Daventry Dolphins struggle in Nuneaton

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Daventry Dolphins travelled up the A5 to The Pingles Leisure Centre in Nuneaton for a friendly team gala, based on the Leicester Diddy League event programme.

This was initially targeted as a ‘practice event’ for the 2015 Leicester and District Diddy League competition.

Sadly, due to swimmer unavailability due to a combination of illness and swimmers being away for the half term school holiday, this meant that the team were ‘under strength in numbers’ and were unable to claim points in 11 events.

In what was a very competitive gala, head coach Rob Sharp knows that when he has all his swimmers available to him for the 2015 Diddy League competition, the team is going to be a ‘force to be reckoned with’.

There were 17 individual personal best times achieved on the night.

The gala result was:

1st Hinckley Hornets 209

2nd Nuneaton and Bedworth Dolphins 199

3rd Walsall 198

4th Daventry Dolphins 181

First places

Chelsie Winter 12/u 50m back 39.19 pb (and short course Club record): 11/u 25m free 16.35 pb : 11/u 25m back 19.74

Bethan Thomas 10/u 25m breast 22:91 pb

Hannah Webber 12/u 50m breast and 50m butterfly

Lucy Browne 10/u 25m butterfly and 25m back 20.14 pb

Lottie Shaw 11/u 25m breast 20.65 pb

Cara Roberts 9yrs 25m free 19.86 pb

Joshua Hill 11/u 25m back 20.14 pb

Girls 12/u 4 x 25m free relay: Chelsie Winter / Hannah Webber / Lucy Browne / Lottie Shaw

Girls 12/u 4 x 25m medley relay: Chelsie winter / Lottie Shaw / Hannah Webber / Emily Weller

Girls 10/u 4 x 25m free and medley relays: Cara Roberts / Bethan Thomas / Lucy Browne / Anna Coates

Girls 11/u 4 x 25m free and medley relay: Lottie Shaw / Lucy Browne / Emily Weller / Chelsie Winter

Second places

Emily Weller 11/u 25m butterfly 19.52 pb

Isaac Sharp 10/u 25m breast 24.53

Lottie Shaw 12/u 50m free 35.53 pb

Justin Murphy 10/u 25m butterfly

Third places

Anna Coates 10/u 25m free 19:00 pb

Isaac Sharp 10/u 25m free 19.60 pb

Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth 11/u 25m butterfly 20.19 pb

Daniel Northover 12/u 50m free and 50m back 43.54 pb

Joshua Hill 12/u 50m breast 48.63 pb

Boys 12/u 4 x 25m medley relay: Joshua Hill / Stanley Beasley / Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth / Daniel Northover

Important team members not already mentioned were Katie Weller, Ruby Preece and Quinn Preece.