SWIMMING: Tough meeting for Daventry Dolphins youngsters

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For the first time in more than five years, Dolphins hosted a team competition.

Following the withdrawal of the Nene Valley SC from the Reliant Novice League, the Dolphins accepted the opportunity to replace them.

Due to the configuration of the Daventry pool making it unsuitable, it meant the club had to find an alternative venue and so they hired the pool at Southam which was perfect for the competition.

The Dolphins had been told that the League was for Novice Swimmers aged 8-12yrs and fielded a team of that ability for their new and less experienced members.

Sadly, the other three competing clubs sent out very strong teams which the Dolphins staff felt ‘wasn’t really in the spirit’.

The result was:

1st Melton Mowbray 150

2nd Coalville 147

3rd Braunstone 126

4th Daventry Dolphins 53

Second places

Cara Roberts 8-9yrs 25m butterfly

Girls 8-9yrs 4 x 25m medley: Katie Weller / Ruby Preece / Cara Roberts / Lyla Hepworth

Boys 10/u free team: Tyler Coles / Sebastiao Correia / Ryan Coles / Kacper Kula

Third places

Kacper Kula 10yrs 25m free

11yrs 4 x 25m medley relay: Stanley Beasley / James Ward / Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth / Quinn Preece

Boys 12/u 4 x 25m free team: Dan Northover / Justin Murphy / Joshua Hill / Ruben Snelson

Boys 10/u 4 x 25m medley team: Tyler Coles / Sebastiao Correia / Ryan Coles / Kacper Kula

Joshua Hill 12yrs 50m breast

James Ward 11yrs 50m breast

A Team claim gala victory at Borough

DOLPHINS fielded two teams for the first round of the 2015 Leicester & District winter League.

The A Team travelled to Wellingborough and the B Team to Enderby, Leicester.

A Team Gala result


2nd Leicester Neptunes A 245

3rd Wellingborough B 174

4th Coalville B 134

5th Braunstone C 109

6th Leicester Sharks C 87

This was a fantastic result for the club as due to injury or illness it found itself without three of the four boys in the 15/u age group, with the 13yrs boys swimming up an age group.

There were nine personal best times recorded and, subject to ratification, a club record for Emily Sharp in the 100m backstroke. It was a real ding-dong battle between the Dolphins and the Neptunes and after 27 events it was neck and neck with both teams on 141 points, but with the Dolphins winning 13 out of the last 22 events, compared to the Neptunes five wins, meant that they were able to pull away to secure the victory by the small margin of 15 points.

First places

Girls 11ys/u 4 x 25m free and medley team: Chelsie Winter / Lucy Browne / Bethan Thomas and Lottie Shaw

Girls 15/u 4 x 50m free and medley team: Keely Saville / Emily Sharp / Megan Browne and Rachel Coates

Girls 13/u girls 4 x 50m free and medley team: Grace Hughes / Hannah Webber / Lottie Shaw and Chelsie Winter

Ladies open 4 x 50m free and medley team: Emma Bond / Emily Smith-Williams / Keely Saville and Emily Sharp

Mens open 4 x 50m free and medley team: Loren Snelson / George Jarman / Jack Bond and William Adhemar

Chelsie winter girls 11yrs 25m back

Rachel Coates 15/u 100m breast

Sam Ayris 15/u 100m breast

Grace Hughes 13/u 50m butterfly and 50m free

Jack Bond open 100m free (first time sub 60 seconds)

Skip Snelson 13/u 50m free and 50m breast

Lucy Browne 11/u 25m butterfly

Keely Saville 15/u 100m free

Hannah Webber 13/u 50m back and 50m breast

Crawford Wright 13/u 50m back

Emily Smith-Williams open 100m breast

Emily Sharp 15/u 100m back (CR subject to ratification)

William Adhemar open 100m butterfly

Boys 13/u 4 x 50m free and medley team: Crawford Wright / Skip Snelson / Stephen Loc and Matthew Natawidjaja

Second places

Boys 11/u 4 x 25m free and medley team: Matthew Natawidjaja / Justin Murphy / Ruben Snelson and James Ward

Boys 15/u 4 x 50m free and medley team: Stephen Loc / Skip Snelson / Crawford Wright and Sam Ayris

Matthew Natawidjaja 11/u 25m back

Crawford Wright 13/u 50m butterfly

Emma Bond open 100m free

Bethan Thomas 11/u 25m breast

James Ward 11/u 25m breast

Megan Browne 15/u 50m butterfly

Loren Snelson 100m breast**

Lottie Shaw 11/u 25m free

Emily Smith-Williams open 100m butterfly

Mixed 8 x 25m free team: Chelsie Winter / James Ward / Grace Hughes / Stephen Loc / Emily sharp / Sam Ayris / Emma Bond and William Adhemar

Third places

Emma Bond open 100m back

Justin Murphy 11/u 25m butterfly

Ruben Snelson 11/u 25m free

Stephen Loc 15/u 50m fly

It should be noted that Loren Snelson’s time of 1.20.03 for the men’s open 100m breaststroke would currently rank him 22nd in Great Britain in the 40-44yrs age group, third in the East Midlands, and top male in Northants.

Due to illness, the Dolphins had no 13-yr-old boys to compete in th B Team Gala, so the 11/unders boys swam their socks off to gain valuable points for the team.

B Team Gala result

1st Ilkeston 228

2nd Burton 211

3rd Loughborough B 154

4th Oadby & Wigston 147

5th Shepshed 139

6th Daventry B 121

First places

Girls 13/u 4 x 50m free relay: Holly Thompson / Caitlin Barratt / Emma Wilkins and Greta Grindrod

Megan Shocklidge 11/u 25m back

Holly Cochrane 15/u 100m back

Second places

Boys 11/u 4 x 25m free relay: Stanley Beasley / Quinn Preece / Isaac sharp / Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth

Girls 15/u 4 x 50m free relay: Holly Cochrane / Maya Patchett-Smyth / Holly Preece / Grace Webber

Third places

Bradley Bennett 15/u 50m butterfly

Ladies open 4 x 50m free relay: Libby Ward / Charlotte Wilkins / Kimberley Mann / Holly Cochrane

Emily Weller 11/u 25m breast

Kimberley Mann open 100m breast

Quinn Preece 11/25m free

Libby Ward open 100m butterfly

Boys 13/u 4 x 50m medley relay: Stanley Beasley / Isaac Sharp / Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth / Quinn Preece

After round one, the Dolphins A Team top division two, with the B Team in 16th out of the 18 competing teams.

Sadly the second round clashes with the Northamptonshire ASA County Swimming Championships, but the club is making plans to have representation at the Wellingborough Gala.

Winter and Shaw are Harborough winners

THE final team gala for January saw the Dolphins travel to Market Harborough for the friendly ‘Nemo Gala’ for swimmers aged eight-12 years.

This gala was dominated by the team from Kingsbury Aquarius Swimming Club, which is based in North Warwickshire.

Thomas Cramb (11yrs) made his debut for the Dolphins in the week he joined the club, and will prove to be a great addition.


1st Kingsbury Aquarius 268

2nd Market Harborough A 238

3rd Daventry Dolphins 169

4th Market Harborough B 153

5th Leicester Sharks 137

First places

Chelsie Winter 11/u 50m back

Lottie Shaw 11/u 50m breast

Second places

Girls 11/u 4 x 25m medley and free relay: Chelsie winter / Lottie Shaw / Emily Weller / Bethan Thomas

Ruben Snelson 10/u 25m breast

Emily Weller 11/u 25m fly

Thomas Vramb 12/u 50m back

Ryan Coles 10/u 25m back

James Ward 12/u 50m breast

Third places

10/u boys 4 x 25m medley and free relay: Matthew Natawidjaja / Ruben Snelson / Jacob Hull and Ryan Coles

11/u boys 4 x 25m medley and free relay: Stanley Beasley / Isaac Sharp / Mackenzie Patchett-smyth / Quinn Preece

12/u boys medley and free relay: Thomas Cramb / Daniel Northover / Matthew Natawidjaja / James Ward

Tyler Coles 9/u 25m freestyle (x2) 2nd swim faster than the first!

Mackenzie Patchett-smyth 11/u 25m fly

Greta Grindrod 12/u 50m back

Thomas Cramb 12/u 50m fly

Emily Weller 12/u 50m fly

Katie Weller 9/u 25m back

Jacob Hull 10/u 25m fly

Isaac Sharp 111/u 50m breast

Daniel Northover 12/u 50m free

Bethan Thomas 11/u 50m free

Girls 12/u 4 x 25m free relay: Greta Grindrod / Maddie Ayris / Lottie Shaw / Chelsie Winter

Mixed ages 16 x 25m free relay: Cara Roberts / Jude Walters / Ruby Preece / Tyler Coles / Beth Northover / Matthew Nayawidjaja / Nicole Hall / Ruben Snelson / Chelsie winter / James Ward / Lottie Shaw / Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth / Emily Weller / Thomas Cramb / Greta Grindrod / Daniel Northover

Record numbers are heading for Corby

DESPITE dramatic changes to the format of the 2015 NASA County Championships following the 2014 British Swimming competition review, the Dolphins have had a record number of 64 swimmers achieve qualification times for the 2015 Championships to be held at the Corby East Midlands International Pool.

The dates for the championships are February 7, 8, 21 and 22, and March 1.

Visit the NASA Website www.northants-asa.org where you can view in detail the events programme by clicking on the County Championships logo.