SWIMMING: Records tumble at Dolphins meeting

Swimming pools
Swimming pools

The Daventry Dolphins Annual Age Group Championships were held at the Daventry Leisure Centre recently.

There were 73 swimmers taking part, contesting the five age groups. There were 232 personal best times recorded on the night.

Club records fell to Grace Hughes 10yrs 100m free 1:13:15 (previous 1:17.42 Rachel Coates), Emily Sharp 13-14yrs 100m back 1:09:09 (previous 1:09:25 her own record), Emily Smith-Williams 13-14yrs 200m individual medley 2:34:41 (previous 2:34:59 her own) and Joseph Iacovides 13-14yrs 100m free 57.12 (previous 57.19 his own).

Swimmers were awarded six points for a win through to one point for sixth place and this determined the Overall Age group awards.

Results in Stroke event order

Girl’s 8/u 50m back: 1st Amelya Goodfellow /2nd Nicole Hall / 3rd Ruby Preece

Boy’s 8/u back: 1st Ruben Snelson / Sebastio Correia

9-10yrs Girls 100m back: 1st Grace Hughes/ 2nd Chelsie Winter/ 3rd Lottie Shaw

9-10yrs boys 100m back: 1st Matthew Natawidjaja / 2nd James Ward / 3rd Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth

11-12 girls 100m back: 1st Keely Saville / 2nd Rachel Coates / 3rd Hannah Webber

11-12yrs boys 100m back: 1st Alex Vaughan / 2nd Crawford Wright / 3rd Skip Snelson

13-14yrs girls 100m back: 1st Emily Sharp / 2nd Emily Smith-Williams / 3rd Holly Cochrane

13-14yrs boys 100m back: 1st Thomas Hughes / 2nd Sam Ayris / 3rd Thomas Stevens

15yrs/over girls 100m back: 1st Rachel Sullivan / 2nd Nichola smith / 3rd Emma Bond

15yrs over 100m back: 1st William Adhemar / 2nd Jack Bond / 3rd John Quy

8/u Girls 50m breast:

1st Amelya Goodfellow / 2nd Nicole Hall / 3rd Katie Weller

8/u boys 50m breast: 1st Ruben Snelson / Sebastio Correia

9-10yrs Girls 100m breast: 1st Grace Hughes / 2ndLottie Shae / 3rd Emily Weller

9-10yrs boys 100m breast: 1st Isaac Sharp / 2nd Matthew Natawidjaja / 3rd James Ward

11-12 girls 100m breast: 1st Rachel Coates / 2nd Keely Saville / 3rd Hannah Webber

11-12yrs boys 100m breast: 1st Alex Vaughan / 2nd Crawford Wright / 3rd Stephen Loc

13-14yrs girls 100m breast: 1st Emily Smith-Williams / 2nd Grace Cadd / 3rd Emily Sharp

13-14yrs boys 100m breast: 1st Chrostopher D’Agostino / 2nd Thomas Hughes / Sam Ayris

15yrs/over girls 100m breast: 1st Nichola Smith / 2nd Rachel Sullivan / 3rd Emma Bond

15yrs over boys 100m breast: 1st John Quy

8/u girls 25m butterfly: 1st Amelya Goodfellow / 2nd Ruby Preece

8/u boys 25m butterfly: 1st Ruben Snelson / Sebastio Correia

9-10yrs Girls 50m butterfly: 1st Grace Hughes / 2nd Lucy Browne / 3rd Lottie Shaw

9-10yrs boys 50m butterfly: 1st Jacob Hull / 2nd Justin Murphy / 3rd Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth

11-12 girls 100m butterfly: 1st Keely Saville / 2nd Rachel Coates / 3rd Hannah Webber

11-12yrs boys 100m butterfly: 1st Crawford Wright / 2nd Alex Vaughan / 3rd Stephen Loc

13-14yrs girls 100m butterfly: 1st Emily Smith-Williams / 2nd Emily Sharp / 3rd Megan Browne

13-14yrs boys 100m butterfly: 1st Christopher D’Agostino / 2nd Sam Ayris / 3rd Thomas Hughes

15yrs/over girls 100m butterfly: 1st Rachel Sullivan / 2nd Emma bond / 3rd Nichola Smith

15yrs over boys100m butterfly: 1st William Adhemar / 2nd Jack Bond / 3rd George Jarman

8/u girls 50m free: 1st Amelya Goodfellow / 2nd Nicole Hall / 3rd Ruby Preece

8/u boys 50m free: 1st Ruben Snelson / Sebastio Correia

9-10yrs Girls 100m free: 1st Grace Hughes / 2nd Lottie Shaw / 3rd Lucy Browne

9-10yrs boys 100m free: 1st Matthew Natawidjaja / 2nd Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth / 3rd James Ward

11-12 girls 100m free: 1st Rachel coates / 2nd Keely Saville / 3rd Maya Patchett-Smyth

11-12yrs boys 100m free; 1st Crawford Wright / 2nd Alex Vaughan / 3rd Stephen Loc

13-14yrs girls100m free: 1st Emily sharp / 2nd Emily Smith-Williams / 3rd Megan Browne

13-14yrs boys 100m free: 1st Christopher D’Agostino / 2nd Thomas Hughes / 3rd Sam Ayris

15yrs/over girls 100m free: 1st Emma bond / 2nd Nichola Smith / 3rd Rachel Sullivan

15yrs over boys 100m free: 1st William Adhemar / 2nd Jack Bond / 3rd John Quy

Top 3 Overall Age Group points winners:

8/u girls: 1st Amelya Goodfellow 24 / 2nd Ruby Preece 16 / 3rd Nicole Hall 15

8/u boys1st: Ruben Snelson 24 / Sebastio Correia 20

9-10yrs Girls: 1st Grace Hughes 24 / 2nd Lottie shaw 18 / 3rd Lucy Browne 12

9-10yrs boys: 1st Matthew Natawidjaja 19 / 2nd Mackenzie Patchett-smyth 15 / 3rd Justin Murphy 14

11-12 girls: 1st equal Rachel Coates and Keely Saville 22 / 3rd Hannah Webber 15

11-12yrs boys: 1st=Alex Vaughan and Crawford Wright 22 / 3rd Stephen Loc 15

13-14yrs girls: 1st Emily Smith-Williams 22 / 2nd Emily Sharp 21 / 3rd Grace Cadd 14

13-14yrs boys: 1st Thomas Hughes 20 / 2nd Christopher D’Agostino 18 / 3rd Sam Ayris 18

15yrs/over girls: 1st Rachel Sullivan 21 / 2nd Nichola smith 20 / 3rd Emma Bond 19

15yrs over boys: 1st William Adhemar 18 / 2nd John Quy 17 / 3rd Jack Bond 15

Open Girls 200m Individual medley

1st Emily Smith-Williams /2nd Rachel Sullivan / 3rd Emily Sharp

Open boys 200m Individual medley

1st Joseph Iacovides / 2nd William Adhemar / 3rd Jack Bond

The presentation of awards were made the following week at the Daventry Leisure Centre and special guests included the Daventry Town Council Mayor, Councillor Ron Fox and his wife Janet, Ian Manning the President of the Northamptonshire Amateur Swimming Association and his wife Kathryn, Rose Sutherland Past Club President, Jean Parkin (Lifelong friend of the Club), Clive Brown, President of the Rotary Club of Danetre and Councillor Alan Hills.

Floral tributes were presented to the ladies by Kian Saville and the men were presented with a bottle of ‘liquid refreshment’ to say a big thank you for attending and making the evening really special.

The special guests assisted with presenting the stroke medals, perpetual trophies, overall awards and certificates of participation.

Special Awards:

Rachel Parkin Trophy for best PB improvement by12yrs/u: Greta Grindrod 100m free 32.2% from 2.17.91 to 1:33.50

Mark Tanton Trophy for best PB improvement by13yrs+: George Jarman 100m butterfly 20.3% from 1:38.44 to 1:18.41

The Ken Blogg Rosebowl for the Head Coaches Award: Stephen Loc

Girls Team manager: Ellie Davies

Boys Team manager: Samuel Ayris

8/u Style: Boys Ruben Snelson 50m free / Girls Amelya Goodfellow 25m fly

9-10yrs style: Boys:Matthew Natawidjaja 100m back / Girls Lucy Browne

11-12 yrs style: Boys: Stephen Loc

Rose Sutherland Trophy: Overall 12/u style Girls Keely Saville / Boys Stephen Loc

13-14yrs style: Emily Smith-Williams 100m fly / Boys Christopher D’Agostino 100m breast

15/overs style: Girls Rachel Sullivan 100m free / Boys William Adhemar

Rotary of Danetre Style Award for 13+yrs: Boys Christopher D’Agostino / Girls Emily Smith-Williams

94 personal bests achieved at Corby

NORTHANTS ASA (NASA) held the County short course sprints competition at the Corby East Midlands International Pool. The pool was used in 25m format.

The event attracted hundreds of qualifiers from all seven affiliated competitive swimming Clubs from the County.

The Dolphins took a large team of more than 50 swimmers to Corby and what a meet they had.

Having swum the 100m Club Championships events only the evening before, the swimmers still managed to produce some brilliant swims with 94 personal best times being recorded.

The events being swum were all four strokes x 50m, the 100m Individual Medley as well as the 4 x50m Freestyle and 4 x 50m medley relays

The two sessions of competition got off to a fantastic start with the relays.

Second 13/u girls free and medley relays: Megan Browne / Rachel Coates / Keely Saville and Holly Cochrane.

Second open firls free and medley replays: Emily Sharp / Emily Smith-Williams / Rachel Sullivan and Emma Bond.

At the 100m mark on the medley relay, the Daventry girls were neck and neck with the eventual winners, Northampton SC, but NSC just had a little too much ove rhte remaining distance.

Third open boys free and medley relays Jack Bond / Christopher D’Agostino / William Adhemar and George Jarman. The boys had to fight hard for third place, having trailed after two legs. William Adhemar on both relays swum the third legs and brought the team back into contention for George Jarman to securely anchor.

The spirit shown by the relay swimmers really got the rest of the Team pumped up.

Swimmers that achieved top ten results were:

100m individual medley:

9/u; 8th Bethan Thomas / 8th Matthew Natawidjaja

10-11yrs; 5th Alex Vaughan / 8th Hannah Webber

12-13yrs; 5th Keely Saville / 9th Rachel Coates

14-15yrs: 5th Emily Smith-Williams / 9th Emily Sharp

16yrs+; 4th Rachel Sullivan / 6th William Adhemar

50m breast:

9/u: 5th Bethan Thomas / 8thMatthew Natawidjaja

12-13yrs; 5th Keely Saville / 6th Rachel Coates

14-15yrs 1st Emily Smith-Williams/ 4th Grace Cadd / 4th Christopher D’Agostino / 6th John Quy

16yrs+: 8th Rachel Sullivan

50m butterfly:

9/u: 8th Jacob Hull /9th Bethan Thomas

10-11yrs: 6th Hannah Webber / 8th Alex Vaughan

12-13yrs: 3rd Megan Browne/ 7th Keely Saville / 10th Holly Cochrane

14-15yrs: 6th Emily Sharp / 8th Emily Smith-Williams

16yrs+: 4th William Adhemar5th Rachel Sullivan / 10th Emma Bond

50m back:

9/u 6th Megan Shocklidge

10-11yrs 5th Skip Snelson / 6th Hannah Webber

12-13yrs: 7th Keey Saville / 9th Megan Browne / 10th Rachel Coates

14-15yrs: 2nd Emily Sharp/ 4TH Emily Smith-Williams

16yrs+ 2nd Rachel Sullivan/ 10th Jack Bond

50m Freestyle:

9/u: 8th Matthew Natawidjaja / 10th Bethan Thomas

10-11yrs: 6th Skip Snelson / 6th Hannah Webber

12-13yrs: 4th Keely Saville / 7th Megan Browne / 8th Rachel Coates

14-15yrs: 5th Emily Smith-Williams / 6th Emily Sharp

16yrs+ 7th Rachel Sullivan / 10th William Adhemar

Four short-listed for Daventry Awards

DAVENTRY Dolphins has been shortlisted in the following categories at the Daventry District Sports Awards.

Community Club of the Year (Public vote)

Coach of the Year: Rob Sharp

Coach of the Year: Lesley Sharp

Team of the Year: 2013 Autumn League Team

Sportswoman of the Year: Nichola Smith

Sportsman of the Year: Mike Smallwood

Disabled Achiever of the Year: Kian Saville

Quartet delighted at Northants call-up

FOUR Dolphins swimmers have been selected to represent the Northants Amateur Swimming Association (NASA) County Team at the prestigious National County Team competition at Ponds Forge in Sheffield on October 19.

The swimmers selected are Joseph Iacovides, Christopher D’Agostino, Emily Smith-Williams and William Adhemar

Great times galore in freestyle event

Dolphins held the 2014 Distance Freestyle Championships at the Daventry Leisure Centre.

The girls swam 800m (32 lengths) and the boys 1500m (60 lengths) as this was short course format.

There were 21 personal best times recorded and one new club record.

Medals, perpetual trophies and participation certificates were presented by Club Chairman Brett Batson.

Provisional County qualifying criteria times have also been met.

Results in age band Order

A for 10, 11 & 12yrs

Girls 800m

1st Keely Saville 10.36.50

2nd Grace Hughes 11.26.38 setting a NEW 10/U CLUB RECORD. It was previously 13.06. 91 set by Rachel Coates in 2011.

3rd Lottie Shaw 12.44.73 (This would have been a 10/u club record too had she not been swimming in the same heat as Grace)

Boys 1500m

1st Skip Snelson 21.33.65

2nd Crawford Wright 21.55.50

3rd Miles Baker 23.02.42

B for 13, 14 and 15yrs

Girls 800m

1st Emily Smith-Williams 10.09.37

2nd Emily Sharp 10.22.56

3rd Rachel Coates 10.23.41

Boys 1500m

1st Thomas Hughes 19.44.38

2nd George Jarman 21.01.60

3rd Sam Ayris 21.09.91

C for 16+


1st Rachel Sullivan 10.03.33

2nd Nichola Smith 10.20.47

Boys 1500m

1st Jack Bond 18.30.68